Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Purpose of Lilies :: Weekends with G.K.C.


That's what I want to say after reading that passage. It is so apt, so concise, yet such a topsy-turvy metaphor that it catches you completely off guard.

It it G.K. at his wondrous best. He carefully crafts one sentence that is both poetic yet resounding in a larger truth. It is one thought that hits both your mind and heart.

I just love lingering over the beauty of this idea.

(And that is most definitely not a lily but an amaryllis. Apparently I never have photographed a lily.)

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  1. Girl, I'm starting to think that YOU should be hosting this. ;) I've never seen that one before but I love love love it. And I'm going to be thinking over it all week. Thank you!

  2. Makes me reconsider what it means to be beautiful . . . what's really important, sitting around and looking nice, or the act of creation? Thanks, GK!

  3. That is a stunning idea, to be sure.


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