Friday, February 7, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol. 78

Happy Friday is here at last. Here's my paltry contribution to Seven Quick Takes over at the great Jen's.


Ah, Friday. I'm glad you've come back around. I'd be a little more excited if it was a weekend where I wouldn't freeze off digits by venturing out of doors...but, that's arctic living for you! 

We're puttering around the house today so far. The kid's have been doing puzzles galore, some valentines, some whining. I've been doing dishes. Try and hold back your amazement. 


I've decided that when Nora finally sleeps through the night I'm going to buy myself a present. At this stage of the game, being awoken by a starving infant for almost the past seven years has gotten all sorts of old. I'm losing any impetus to get up, other than the extremely loud screaming of course. I need something positive! Something pretty! Something special as a little carrot for digging deep and mothering my children. 
Yes, I understand, it sounds completely ridiculous. But I've decided it'll help, and also I need a new handbag. 
So, since Nora has been my toughest infant-nut to crack in the sleep training department I'm predicting that sometime in the summer I'll be able to purchase something like this:

But she might exercise her dramatic diva-ness and hold out into the fall, in which case, this:

And so help me, if she's not sleeping by then I'm going to have to go out and buy myself this:

I may be getting ahead of myself a little.


Fun story. And by fun I mean painful. Nora bit me while nursing for the first time the other day. Like bit a chunk out of me. She's only got two teeth but they're razor sharp. It was horrible, there was blood, there was screaming and gnashing of teeth(me), flailing(her), and the scab is still there and not quite healed, so you can imagine how fun that is to nurse with. But then I figured out that it was St. Agatha's feast day. I'm not sure if that was like a little "rose" St. Agatha was sending me down from heaven or what. St. Agatha was a martyr who had her breasts cut off by a sword. I was thinking about that fact for about 20 seconds when I said, "Ohhh, heck no!" and "Wow". Moral of the story: I definitely couldn't be martyred that way.


Parenthood watchers? I'm still slogging away through Season 2. I'm probably making such slow progress because the only time I get to watch it is when I'm on the elliptical and, well, I'm not on there too often. But last night I watched a couple episodes and is it just me or is this season slow? I'm so tired of Sarah gaping at her teenage kids, and Crosby not having a clue, and Adam and Kristina being so tightly wound! Does it get better? Should I keep going? Important questions!


I'm going to force myself to hang some pictures today. These walls that I've been looking at for days on end are starting to get to me. I just need to find some time...and a hammer!

The other to-do list I've got going on is to do something with all my pictures! I'm about 9 months behind in editing, let alone printing. It's so daunting. But I also really want printed pictures/books. It's a vicious circle of inactivity and wanting.


I've lost all will to cook. Or ambition to cook. Or desire to cook at all. Of course I blame winter, and January, but I usually at least have cravings which force me to cook because I love eating. But I'm not really craving much these days other than chocolate. 

The weather of course makes me want to cook only chillies and soups. 


Since I've been so entertaining thus far, you deserve to read some better stuff. Here goes:

Jenna wrote the greatest post on Stay at Home Mom fashion for everyday, right here on mah blawg.

Kelly had a wonderful roundup of Dorothy Day that I loved.

Susan from Sole Searching Mama wrote wonderfully about marriage. Worth the read for sure!

My homeschooling hero Sarah wrote this awesome and true post about curriculum and homeschooling today at Simple Homeschool.

And I think that's all folks. I hope your weekend is warm and toasty!

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  1. I totally need to buy myself a present whenever the twins finally stop waking up at night... Although in all fairness, I caught sight of Mary Claire's poor little molars poking up through her gums this morning, so I suppose she has an excuse.

    And ouch, what a way to celebrate the Feast of St. Agatha! We had apple pie and ice cream... I say you encourage Nora to bake next time :P

  2. Christy, I hate to break it to you, but Parenthood is just chock full of Sarah gaping and Crosby stupidity and unbelievably bad parenting resulting in crazy teenage permissiveness and bratty little kids. Oh and lots of people fast talking over other people fast talking. Is that supposed to be funny? That's basically the show. I started rewatching it from the beginning because this current season is so lame and I'm amazed by how fresh the first season was. I guessing it all started to go downhill in season two. Anyway, it's probably no more stupid than any other soapy drama out there, but it ain't no Mad Men or Breaking Bad. But that's just my two cents!

  3. I feel like you are second me I have 5 kids and my body is getting crazy just when I will think about Npr we argue today with my husband about sex until we went down to the darker side of our souls until said I don't love him .maby you .more understand people's heart I am so scared to touch anything God bless you I am happy to find your blog

  4. That wallet is to die for! Bless your heart, you may need all three things!!

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO afraid of getting bit while nursing it is insane. My two older girls have nipped me when they nursed but never blood. #3 does not have teeth yet but seriously as soon as the teeth start coming in I getting nervous.

  6. I find Parenthood interesting and it is the only show that I will actually watch each week. I thought Season 2 was slow.


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