Friday, February 21, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol. 80

Just seven extremely quick takes today - I'm out the door to the exciting pastures of the city, make sure to do your time over at Jen's for the goods!


Well, I'm glad February is chugging right along. I'm not getting my hopes up of anything resembling spring coming anywhere near a month from now. But once February is over you feel as if you're at least in the home stretch of winter. Oh those glorious days when I don't have to get babies bundled to go outside! An extra half hour a day just from that! 


Oh, am I, too, obsessed with the Waterlogue app? Why yes, yes I am! 
One of my dreams is to be able to paint with watercolours. I have just no natural artistic ability in that direction, but I've always thought it the prettiest drawing/painting type skill to have. I think because I imagine myself a la Emma Wodehouse serenely being able to make a watercolour of the gardens and so forth. 
But - ha! Now I can combine my failed dreams and slight addiction to Instagram with Waterlogue! Muahahaha!


I hope I'm the last one to finally listen to the great podcast "A Good Story is Hard to Find" with the wonderful Julie Davis of Happy Catholic and Happy Catholic Books on Patheos. It's a really wonderful podcast full of great conversations about books, and tv, and movies from a smart Catholic perspective and I've been listening to old episodes all week. Really good stuff.

I kinda love podcasts. They feel like listening to blogs for me. When well done they're great conversations with interesting people about interesting things. And since there is no such thing as good talk radio anymore I really love listening to them driving since it takes me an hour to get anywhere. Do you have favourites or any to recommend? I'm all ears. (Punny!)


I've been a human kleenex this week, or at least that's what my husband calls me. The kids caught some kind of cold, one of those annoying kinds that make them just sick enough to be miserable and have a constant stream of...nose moisture. Carrying the sad babies all day makes every part of my attire a convenient kleenex for them. I went through two sweaters yesterday, and was a very alluring and attractive sight by the time my husband got home. The thing is it doesn't even phase me. I've passed a point of hygiene no return!


Have you voted for your favourite G.K. Chesterton post from last weekend's Weekends With Chesterton at Amongst Lovely Things?  I'm fairly certain the voting is still open today. There were some really wonderful Chesterton posts that are worth reading. And if you can't find a favourite you can always vote for me! 


Some links that were interesting this week:

Nuns in literature and other writing from the Guardian.

Faith and freedom in the Ukraine.

9 of the most beautiful buildings we've ever torn down. But I'd argue about that Federal Building in Chicago, I'm not a fan.


Well, I'm warning everyone that I think I'm going to attempt Jen's Seven Days of Writing challenge next week. Why I can't remember what she really calls it I do not know and I apologize. It's a good challenge for me who never feels like I have good enough ideas to write about and then when I have them usually trash them because I never have more than ten minutes at a time to flesh out a topic. I'll save all my boring minutiae for you next week - get excited! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. That is such a cool app! I'm sure my artist sister Rose would sneer if I start watercoloring all my instagrams but hey, I can't do the real thing! And I'm excited about your 7 day blogging attempt. I don't know if I'm up to it myself, but I'm going to love everyone else's contributions!

  2. My husband was doing the laundry the other week and complaining that I don't wear my clothes more than once before they need to be washed - I reminded him that the kids had had runny noses for weeks and I am their tissue!!! Nothing's worse than getting through almost an entire day with a clean skirt and THEN a baby comes and hugs me around the knees and wipes her nasty snotty nose aaaaaall over... Dry noses have just started making their appearance again and I'm so happy!!!


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