Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Love of St. Francis :: Weekends with G.K.C.

I had to pop in with a little Chesterton for the weekend!

I've just started Chesterton's biography of St. Francis, this quote comes from the first chapter of the book where he is acquainting the reader with how he wishes to approach St. Francis in the book and how he wishes the reader to open his mind to the mysticism and faith of St. Francis.

I find this quote to be a perfect summation of how saints live. We, and the world, assume there is a vague, existential idea or philosophy which spurs saints onto holiness and greatness, but it is not vague and impersonal. It is a personal, passionate love of a person, Christ, which transforms a saint's life. 

I also just love when Chesterton describes people as lunatics! It's just a wonderful, whimsical way of describing those who live in a way secular society completely misunderstands. 

Chesterton wants the reader to enter into the great romance of St. Francis - a wild, passionate love for Christ just like the romance of poets and troubadours. 

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  1. Now THAT is what I needed this weekend. Thank you, Christy.

  2. Christy, how fortuitous for us that you started reading that book just now. It's a wonderful quote, and another one on the theme of love. I so agree - God is not an idea.

  3. Fabulous quote! I love how much power is packed into such a simple quote. I've only just delved into Chesterton, but I love what I'm reading so far.

  4. I truly think satan would have us believe that saints are sad, pious, inaccessible souls and that there's no way we could become one ourselves (so why try?!). So untrue. Thanks for sharing this Chesterton gem!

  5. How can you find time to read books I am always killing myself with thoughts I don't give us much as I need to my kids and husband I am tired with this

    1. Well I will start reading again just when my kids will be more independent hope I made so many mistakes

  6. Oh my wow. "As St. Francis did not love humanity but men, he did not love Christianity but Christ." I mean, hello temptation! Isn't it soooo much easier to fall in love with an idea than to love a person? I love the idea of marriage, but loving my husband is much much harder to do in an actionable way. I love my kids, but then why do I snap at them first thing in the morning when they wake up before I've properly caffeinated myself? I love the Church, but it's much easier to say I'm a Christian than it is to sit in the presence of Christ and actually love on Him every day.

    Ok. I'm going to be thinking on this one allllll week. Thank you much!

    1. I had the same so when I get pregnant with my 5 th baby I pray a lot rosary and Divane Mercy prayer I go on mass every day and pray Jesus Mary please help me I cant live like this no more and my home is changing my ...well actually I see my kids better I see my husband better still have problems to love but hope God will change it I started to pray to God Father that I was scared of I was
      Praying only to Jesus because of this , but I always wanted to love and to be loved by Jesus. ..ask Jesus for everything he will help you and family he love us .read Bible to know Jesus better to fight for love every day God bless you all.

  7. Do you know what happened to me today I went to library and use one of computers, suddenly internet stop working and librarians said there is no Internet in whole town I don't know how long it will take and I thought " ow God " because I wanted to print things that my daughter will have to learn for the first communion since than only me had internet in the library I could print what I wanted so I thought I must leave some word testimony that God is great and open site with photo of "Jesus I trust in you "I said to man opposite me "I have internet , don't you "and he said" no I don't " so I said " would you like to see mine; he came and saw site with this picture of Jesus ,Open his eyes and I said" you see Jesus help me you can use it now I finished" " ok he said but I will log on on my account" and he did but
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