Friday, June 28, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 48

Joining the great quick takers at Conversion Diary-Hi Jen!


 In mothering news this week, it had been a rainy start to the week and by...say Tuesday, I was going around the bend. It had been yet another rainy morning, Luke had destroyed a fan in the basement about 3 minutes after I told him not to touch it, Max wasn't napping and was just being a ball of teething fury, the others were just flying by the seat of all the rest of the misbehaviour. So by noon I decided the rain was just wet and fine to play in and unceremoniously shoved the toddles outside. We have literally acres of lawn and yard for them to play in, vast varieties of dollar store balls and toys to play with, a giant swing set and playhouse and yet...and yet...Max and Luke decide to go under our deck and throw landscape gravel at my new basement windows. For some reason they couldn't hear me yelling from inside the house so I decided to storm out there and give them the what for/crawl under the deck and haul Max out. I tear out the front door, go to turn around the house towards the deck, and slip in the mud landing flat-out in a huge puddle.
It was a fine parenting moment. 
On the bright side I was so happy to not have any neighbours at that moment.


follow us in feedly

So we all know Google Reader has decided to pack it in on July 1. So please continue to follow me on whatever you've decided to switch over to. 
I personally really like Feedly, its the best to read on your phone or ipad I find, and it seems like I read a lot of blogs on my phone these days while nursing so its nice for that. I think its got the best customizable settings for display for your feed too which is nice for fellow blog nerds out there. And they've also finally come out with follow buttons for those of you with blogs to make it easier for people to follow you which I appreciate!


So onto the more depressing news of the week-the Supreme Court decisions. 
I'm not American so I'm probably not as outraged as I could be, and Canada has long lost this particular battle, but I have taken enough government and history courses to understand that a Court decision such as this doesn't just effect "gay marriage" its going to effect a myriad of societal aspects that will only continue to erode what basic morality we have in our culture. I get pretty mad that more people don't understand this. Its yet another reason why a poor education system, AND poor catechesis, has such ill effects. No one is willing to actually think. To follow an argument to its conclusion, to understand how one fundamental part of society effects so much else, to think about facts instead of feelings and what's cool, these are basic principles of logic and thought that don't exist anymore. Our parent's generation and our parent's parent's generation have failed miserably in catechizing Catholics. If Catholics were better informed as a whole there might be a bit more resistance. I think its going to be difficult for us to learn how to be Catholic in a hostile society at large. I already fear how difficult it will be for my children to be Catholic and remain Catholic. Argh, this is so cheery.


If you haven't had a chance yet to read some articles on the ol' Supreme Court decision o' doom heres some I really thought were spot on:

"How Songs Like Macklemore's "Same Love" Change the Marriage Debate"- A great look into the importance of art in political and societal issues. Really well written.

The Anchoress as usual has the most insightful yet on the mark summation of what's going on and why its important. I think I may have to start her fan club.

And as usual Simcha always has the greatest angle on things, and I'm sure she already has a fan club.


If you need me this weekend, this long weekend-hey Canada!-I'll be painting. That's what we like to do for fun on our long weekends...paint. But more specifically we're finally painting the basement-yay! Behold:

No, I didn't alter these photos at all, that's the colour our basement has been for the past seven years we've lived here. I like to call it "Soul Killing Beige". I've always ignored the basement because I figured we'd just move soon, but seven years later we're still here and five kids need space dammit! So we have to take drastic measures and paint. 

Ok, this is a super dark photo but you get the gist. Its a light sucking beige that needs to be remedied! We're planning on making this area a tv area, because that's a woodstove in the corner and its very cozy in the winter. My husband wants to get rid of the spare room-or that comfy looking double bed, but I feel attached as if that's the reason people visit us. Is it??

Here's the new room the husband built over the winter. It takes us longer to renovate than to make children... 
We're hoping to put maybe Dom and Luke down here. I'm priming and painting and hopefully decorating this too!

Aren't you glad I did so much "staging" and "cleaning" for these fancy blog pictures? 
We're going to do something serious about toy storage as well, and hopefully have some more bookshelves in here somewhere. That's the end game-we'll see how long it actually takes!


Ok, my basement may be soul-crushing beige but Dwija's poor laundry room is a step above a war zone! She's clearly going for sainthood as I have no idea how she does laundry for a family of five kids there. I can barely do my laundry for five kids and I have a dryer! I can't get over that she doesn't have a dryer...
But the good news is you can go participate in a blogger-love present that Cari put together in raising some money to finish that laundry room while Dwija does important stuff like grow a whole human being! I know I wished I lived down the street from Dwija so I could pop over and just do her laundry for her, and I'm sure anyone who reads her blog does because she's a sweetheart, so it feels so nice to be able to do a little something to help Dwija out in this tough time.

Also if you're in the giving mood, LifeSite News is in need of donors so that they'll get a big 75K donation! This site runs off donations and I'm sure we all read it at least on a weekly basis so please donate anything as its the number of people who donate that's important not the number of money raised! 

And go tell all your rich friends to do the same! 


Its a beautiful long weekend up here for the first time all summer! Its going to be hot, hot, hot! We'll all probably melt because we're so unused to warm temperatures. All the kids are clamouring to go to the lake, so we'll try and appease them somehow while also painting the basement. I think we'll end up taking shifts. Although I can't shift off the breastfeeding. Oh well. I hope everyone has an excellent weekend filled with all the good things of summer! Happy Canada Day!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Reads

Its summer you say? Then it must be time to enjoy sunshine, or long evenings, or some time away from it all with a great book!

Summer reading is a sacred thing. Reading a good book in the summer makes the summer feel so very full and rich, and the book memorable. But reading a book during the summer that disappoints makes you feel ripped off and as if you've wasted precious time!

Here's a quick list of some of my recommendations that shouldn't disappoint and should leave you with only pleasant summer reading memories. I've tried to pick out a variety that can appeal to different reading moods-because we all know that what you're in the mood for is what makes for a great time reading. Make sure to read while enjoying a margarita, sangria, or if preggo, a great lemonade or iced tea!

Light But Bright: The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

Let's start with an easy easy read. A girlie read. The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton fits the bill for a well written novel that sucks you into the unraveling of a long-held family secret. I enjoy Morton's portrayal of elderly characters. So seldom do modern writers respect the elderly enough to make them main characters with thoughts and feelings when they always prove to be so very interesting! This story centres upon the elderly mother who can no longer reveal her past due to illness, yet her daughter searches for the truth. I thought this book was the perfect combination of mystery and family drama and read it in about a day because Morton has a great skill of writing perfect chapter cliffhangers!

Smart AND Fun: Scoop by Evelyn Waugh

I think this is probably the best satirical book ever written. Ok, I can't say I've read every satirical book ever written, but this still has to be the best! It tells the tale of mistaken identity when a rural man named Boot is mistakenly sent by a large London newspaper to a fictional African country to cover an expected war. Boot has no idea what he is doing, but finds that most reporters there don't either! Waugh captures perfectly the strange relationship between the media, news, and historical events with a wry sense of humour and a perfectly crafted story. I want to reread it now just thinking about it. I recommend it for those who are in the mood for an expertly written novel with a fun dose of cynicism!

Dramatic Classic: Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

For my classic recommendation I have to say that Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier is worth the read,or reread! If you're in the mood for romantic drama, or maybe melodrama, then this is one of the best! I love it for its melodrama. And if you've never read it then you've never enjoyed melodrama quite like this. Its romantic and chilling and over the top in many ways, but done perfectly. What's not to love about marrying a dashing husband, moving to his gorgeous English manor house only to figure out you probably should have asked him a little more about his previous wife and how he chooses his domestic staff??

Quirky and Quick: Memento Mori by Muriel Spark

Memento Mori by Catholic novelist Muriel Spark is the book for you if you're looking for a novel that almost defies genres and is completely different from what you're used to reading. I'm recommending this if you're into quirky, sometimes strange books that still have wonderfully drawn characters. Muriel Spark writes a short novel here about a smart set of geriatrics who receive anonymous phone calls telling them to remember they too must die. The characters all deal with these calls differently and many buried secrets and sins come to light. Its fascinating, brilliantly written, with a killer sense of humour.

Mandatory Marvellous Mystery: The Fashion in Shrouds by Margery Allingham

 I think it a shame to let a summer go by without reading a classic mystery. I'm the biggest fan of Agatha Christie, Margery Alligham, Dorothy Sayers, and Ngaio Marsh, otherwise known as the Queens of the Golden Age of Mystery. Somehow reading these mysteries are both comforting and pure enjoyment. The Fashion in Shrouds is a Albert Campion mystery, Allingham's chic and witty hero, but its a treat to read as its a great depiction of the 1930's rich and powerful in London. It has mystery, romance, humour, and the great characters that Allingham excels at creating.

Well, I'm going to stop there. I hope that you give one (or all!) a try and enjoy them wholeheartedly this summer! And I'm always looking for a good read so tell me what favourite book you've read lately. I'm also on Goodreads doling out honest opinions on everything I read, so feel free to follow.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 47

Joining my friends the Quick Takers again this week.

Thanks to Jen for hosting as usual. Clearly Jen should move to Canada for the summer so she can throw children outdoors, then I could maybe move to Texas in the winter so I could throw children outdoors then!


Its like two of my favourite things!

So I ran out of internet here at home on Monday. My husband lays down the law and refuses to pay even more money for high speed peasant internet service so when our small amount of gigs or whatever internet is measured in these days runs out we have to wait until the bill flips over so I waited impatiently until our billing period flipped over last night. It was some serious silent days. It felt like lent. I think I'm a little dependent. I missed blogs the most. It feels nice to read and check in with people in the morning in between dealing with all these baby needs. But I'm behind in checking in with all my faves and I haven't had a chance to respond to emails yet. 


I think I've not taught my children the concept of "fast". Theres this giant gap in their basic knowledge. Say something like "Hurry up" or "Quickly!" or "Faster!" and their eyes just glaze over. The other day I was just trying to get out the door to walk to my mom's, the baby was in the stroller and was going to start freaking out if she didn't start moving in the next 30 seconds, Max was patrolling for mud, and the three oldest kids were finding their things that they can't possibly leave the house without yet have no idea where in the house these things are. Luke had finally found his spiderman figure and was in the living room, I said, "Lukey, cmon, hurry the baby's crying" and I swear he slowed down. He was moving at a glacial pace. Suddenly he had to look at light switches as if he'd never seen one before in his life! 
The other night Gemma literally said, "What does 'Hurry up' mean?". I think I just walked away and poured myself another glass of wine.
Ahhhhhh!!! This is why we can't leave the house!!!


You've got to go out and buy Dad Is Fat by Jim Gaffigan. Its hilarious. He's a really funny comedian and I believe you can buy his show "Mr. Universe" on his website, its also on Netflix here in Canada and is well worth the watch. But the book really goes into his experiences as a father and his life with five kids and its really wonderful. Not just because you almost pee your pants laughing while reading, but because it almost feels like my life. Except he's all glamorous and lives in New York City, but so many things he describes in hilarious accuracy are right out of my life. Basically anyone with kids could relate, but I think some of the wilder tales he tells about having more than two kids must seem strange and bizarre to people without kids, but to us with 5 or so kids it seems so normal.
He's so pro-family when it comes down to it. And you just don't see that that often in mainstream entertainment. Its really great.
And I think that people in the mainstream entertainment industry who are pro-family should really be supported. We can at least try to make them successful!


The husband and I are going to have a fire date this weekend! We have a fire pit in the backyard which is a nice place to enjoy a beautiful evening, the wind in the trees overhead, the quiet of being away from our know, its nice!
 I say this because its something we usually do a lot in the summer and we haven't been out once yet this year-its been so sad. But Nora usually doesn't go to sleep till after nine and the husband has to be up so early for work we can't go out later during the week and theres too many mosquitoes out there right now for her so one of us is in during the evening, and its been rainy every weekend so far. But this weekend we're going to bonfire it up after everyone's asleep and hopefully have some good scotch!


Ok, if you just read that last take and were thinking something like, "take that baby outside-there's nets, and outdoor stuff, and I climb mountains with a baby on my back and camp!" To you I say: Blleeech. Outdoors with a small baby is not my cup of tea. Or glass of wine. Or five star hotel. Basically its similar to torture.


Hey-I'm starting to sorta, almost, kinda, maybe think of homeschooling curricula, books, etc. for this upcoming year. I'm just doing Grade 1 with Gemma, I'm not big on early reading, and I want to mostly be focused on reading books and literature, so I'm not really freaking out. But if you've got good beginner tips/books/ideas/a person willing to homeschool for me let me know, I'd love to hear!
I was homeschooled so I'm fairly confident in the education part of homeschooling, so that's not really something I'm worried about. The thing I'm worried about is me going crazy. Being. Around. My. Kids. All. The. Time. That's what I'm worried about. But I mean I'm around them all the time now, and I'm making it right? That's sorta my goal as a mom. It just daunts me a little when I think about the future. The future just daunts me in general.


If you've need something to pray for, please pray for all of southern Alberta that's being affected by flooding this week. I grew up in southern Alberta and have been through a couple of floods as we lived along a creek, but this one is much bigger than anything I've experienced. I couldn't have imagined that Calgary could experience such flooding!

Its a pretty crazy weekend down there, it makes me miss Calgary and my old house actually. Wish I could help!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, free of floods! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why I love 5 year olds...

I've been meaning to write something about how I love 5 year olds. How I love their wonderful, enthusiastic, childlike innocence and joy! And since Gemma just turned 6 I thought I should do something about it soon!

5 year olds are really a wonderful age. After life with three kids age 3 and under I've felt like I've been buried in toddlerhood for many moons. And it seems as though at 5 there is a glorious glimmer of light at the end of the forever long toddler tunnel!

The terrible twos aren't so much terrible as they are a lot of work -  just watching them constantly, keeping them from danger, beginning to instill the basic concept of "No don't touch a hot tea kettle", all while seeming to always try to keep them from things they want to do yet have no capacity for yet!

Three I find much more difficult than two. Something happens at age three which brings out so much strong will within a kid. There becomes a new level of stubbornness that they feel they must exercise over any and all requests or new situations. There have been so many times when my kids have been three, especially the boys, where they've made me so mad by their sheer willful disobedience coupled with excruciating tantrums that I thought I didn't really want to live with my kids anymore. I guess three is just a tough time for littles...but it feels never-ending sometimes for the mom.

By four they begin to understand new things at a deeper level of recognition which is refreshing, they've got more individual likes and dislikes which bring about such new insights into their own unique personalities but they can still flip their lids in seconds and revert to full blown tantrums. But then flip the switch again and throw you into a loop with speedy learning and hilarious ways of expressing themselves. But it all feels very up and down at four.

But 5, oh 5 seems so glorious in comparison! They've suddenly developed the skills to do basic things themselves, and even take an interest and dare I say pride in doing things for themselves. The likes and dislikes develop even more into strange, funny, and likable traits. But what I love most about 5 is how the simple innocence of children is in command of their demenors. They approach new things with smiles and leaps of joy. They live completely in the moment, enjoying fully the tiny things that make life wonderous. The feeling of grass on barefeet, sunshine on a chilly morning, singing songs for the heck of it. Its a contagious joy that they bring everywhere. They're cheerful most of the time and like being friendly. Its such a beautiful golden age of young childhood. Just enjoying things for what they are. Not needing to know more than but simply whats just in front of them.

Their imaginations begin to soar. I love watching the pretend games or assigning characters to siblings with or without their will.  Intricate little worlds or simply taking care of their "baby" while using words like "nursing" "swaddling" and "quiet time".

Gemma at five was fun, frivolous, feisty, affectionate, inquisitive and always enthusiastic. Her tantrums and difficulty in expressing herself seemed to vanish completely. The odd tantrum was seen of course but it was rarity even during times of crazy family upheaval and new sibling addition! She began to take more interest in getting along and organizing her little brothers and helping out mommy and daddy. All pluses in my book!

So even though I've so far just had one experience in the new era of a five year old, I'm still fairly amazed at how much fun it can be. Sometimes it feels as if toddlers can be only the opposite of I think for the sake of my mental health and making it through the long haul of 4 more kids yet to make it to the ripe old age of 5 that I should at least remind myself of a more pleasurable age in childhood development! Its also nice to appreciate the good at any age, because that's what we'll remember when they're grown up - I hope - and that's what keeps us going.

(I'm expanding on the idea of childhood stages according to age from this great book series. Although not the perfect parenting book, I think they're a must read and they've really helped me get a more reasonable grasp on childhood development and dealing with the different stages of toddlerhood.)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 46

My sole blogging contribution in a week. Surely I can muster the super 7?

Hi Jen!


I haven't blogged all week only because I feel like I have nothing to say. I feel stuck in blog inertia. I figure even though blogging seems a fairly self-centered pursuit most days that I should at least have something, anything, to say in order to actually post. Or maybe I'm just lazy? Either way I feel as if anything I could contribute is being said and being said better by much more interesting people than I these days. 
C'est le vie.


In even more random non-news I feel as if I ticked off some errands that I've been letting hang for a month or two off the long list of life this week. Why does that give me such a sense of accomplishment?? I think that's one thing that is a stay at home mom principle, finding a sense of accomplishment in small things. Only because raising children has so few literal and visible signs of accomplishment in the everyday! Or at least signs that give that same sense of having gotten things done. There is no daily check-list of child-acquired skills in a day that we can check off and not feel as if we're going to have to do the exact same thing the next day. I've been thinking about that lately...


I have spent the week cleaning up a lot of mud though! Its rained most every day and Max continues to be a mud magnet. Which I can't really begrudge him. He's adorable even when he's muddy. Plus the whole purpose of childhood is to enjoy mud. I have to admit that seeing muddy children kinda gives me a mom boost even though its completely unrelated to my mothering skills, but a sweet kid having fun and enjoying mud for its sheer mud-ness is remarkable. I must be doing something right! 


Another thing I never add up to accomplishment is cooking. I never think of it as important thing I do everyday for some reason. And yet every meal during the week I usually cook, fairly healthily and mostly from scratch. Using my patented "pantry/freezer/30 minute meals/anti-menu planning" plan that I like to call "How to survive when you live 30 minutes and 20 miles from the closet grocery store that doesn't even sell fresh parsley". Its sorta like an episode of Chopped except the strange ingredients are whatever is in my freezer and pantry combined with using up the fresh veggies in the fridge. So far we've survived. I really haven't cooked "fancy" or according to actual cookbooks for the last two years or thereabouts which is how I usually like to cook. Everything fairly simple, fast, but tasty. And enough for all of us and my husband's lunch because he works where he can't even get anywhere that sells food and he won't eat sandwiches. 


Did I mention I slept a full 7 hours uninterrupted last night for the first time in at least 3 months!! I couldn't believe it when I saw the clock say 5 am! Nora's been my sleeping champion and I'm not afraid to say that even in front of her siblings because there were some really awful sleepers who didn't sleep at all when it was dark out until they were 4 months old! And it seems nights where Nora sleep a 4 or 5 hours solid Max will wake up between times so someone's always awaking. But uninterrupted people!!! Uninterrupted. That is priceless.

I feel like this is bragging. But don't worry I'm sure I just jinxed myself!


I have to admit that I had a flash of my parental failure yesterday. I had let the kids play outside in front of the house for maybe 20 minutes while I cleared up the house a little without constant pestering for food and water and ya know...bathroom stuff. I could see them outside playing around with bikes and balls but I had to run out and grab Max from picking up mud and rubbing it in his hair and Gemma and Dom started talking about bird eggs. When I asked what they were doing they said they had found bird eggs and they broke them. I sorta freaked out and made them show me where they had broken two little robin's eggs on the gravel. Out on the gravel were the shattered blue eggshells and what was obviously little birds in some stage of embryonic growth. It was fairly gruesome. But what really got my dander up was how not one of my children seemed to understand they had killed little birds. I have to admit I felt like a person who was raising conscience-less sociopaths for a couple minutes. I made everyone (well, just Gemma and Dom because I figured they at least knew they destroyed something) sit on the time-out step for awhile. Then I went back out a few minutes later and tried to explain that they killed little birds who were growing in those eggs, that God had made those little birds and that He doesn't want us to hurt things He made to live. I had no idea if it was sinking in at the time I was lecturing. But Gemma did seem pretty cut up about it later this afternoon, now I'm hoping I didn't traumatize her by telling her she killed something. Modern parenting dilemma! Definitely not fit to photograph!


I have the paltry-est of plans for my dear husband, the greatest of daddys to my babies, for Sunday. I'm sure I'll muster a meal or something, but he'll probably refuse some daddy alone time because he's so great, and I ordered his gift only a couple days ago so that won't be here in time either! I'm so thankful I married someone who makes an even greater dad than I thought he would be. I can say gratefully that he works as hard or harder (who am I kidding) than I do taking care of our kids. And our kids are really a full time job for not just one person but two and so I'd really be up the creek if he wasn't so awesome.  

Its also my wonderful dad's birthday today-so I wish him a happy weekend! 

And for having nothing to say this turned out extremely wordy. 
Have a lovely weekend!

Monday, June 10, 2013

A day late, and a full skirt-length short...

I'm back-cause I'm wearing a skirt!

Ok everyone, let's all collectively try to believe that the "midi" skirt length works on me.

And I even went all out with a pleated midi skirt. I'm not quite sure if I can pull off this trend because it makes me feel even shorter than I am but I guess thats what heels, or in my case very stable wedges, are for. I feel like this outfit still needed "something", maybe a better necklace or lack of belt. But I'm just starting on this midi train, it might take some practice. Of course I'm also implementing my tried and true fashion version of "put a bird on it" with "put chambray on it". I really like chambray because they go with everything. And I clearly love me a colourful skirt so they're perfect.

I got this skirt from a giveaway I won from Hallie so its officially awesome.

The chillin's were fairly good in Mass.

Nora-great, even lasted the whole of Mass with a mini explosion in her pants yet didn't get it on mom's wwis outfit, so double points!
Max-a solid F for failing, flailing, and wailing. And throwing daddy's wallet a good two pews away.
Luke-actually not a bad Mass for him, almost fell asleep on the floor during the after Mass reading of a letter from the Bishop
Dom-not excellent, made a piano out of hymnals on the kneeler 
Gemma-coerced into said piano playing, but stood up and said the Creed and Our Father so I let it slide.

So there we have it. A riveting wrap-up, go visit FLAP ladies for better fashion efforts, and Grace for better kids! 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 45

Joining Jen and the better takers...because I'm an addict.

Do I really have anything to say??

Lets rooolll the dice!


Well this week felt like a million years. 
I'm sure purgatory involves a lot of trying to get toddlers to play nicely with each other.
 Unfortunately by Wednesday I was throwing in the towel, or more literally locking myself in my bedroom after someone who shall remain nameless chucked his bowl of supper that I had no desire to cook yet did anyways and it was really great and healthy on the floor. Thursday I just decided to fake it till I make it in regards to loving my offspring. Desperate times and all that. 


Not that things have been awful or said offspring that terrible. But the capacity for one child not napping to completely ruin your day is staggering. If the baby decides to not nap at all in the afternoon then my window of freedom dies. That happened about 3 times this week so my patience was at all time lows. This kinda snowballs into everyone being so. much. work. Or so it seems. Which further snowballs into me having no desire or energy to get out of the house. So I didn't get out this week. Which probably doesn't help my mental outlook. However, keep in mind that I'm a good 25 minute drive to the nearest town which holds zero attractions for me or the littles other than the library. And getting five kids in carseats, or rearranging everything around Nora's eating and sleeping schedule feels like way more work than its worth and thus no leaving for me!


Max is the fastest child I've ever seen in the finding mud/getting completely filthy department. I'd leave him outside for five minutes and the only recourse to him reentering the house would be to throw him in the bathtub clothed and then strip him in the tub to minimize the mud damage in the house. This always happened just as I was making supper too. It was almost funny.


I just finished Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler and thought it was pretty good. I think if you're a fan of either F. Scott Fitzgerald or that ilk of disillusioned writers from the roaring '20s then I think you'd enjoy it. It definitely paints a picture of a very sad marriage and the tragic lives of both Zelda and Scott. I'm not sure if its simply because he was an artist, or because of the seeming emptiness of the era post-WWI, but they both struggled to find meaning in their lives and marriage but just couldn't. Ambition, fame, and a life of luxury again don't replace genuine love between a husband and wife. The end of her life was so tragic, and I shudder to think what it must have felt to be crushed under such a powerful personality of a husband. I found it well written, but also as if the author didn't quite get to the emotional and spiritual emptiness that Zelda must have experienced. But maybe a secular eye doesn't it see it that way?


Soooo a not so good week shopping! 
Did everyone else know that Sole Society is now shipping to Canada...FOR FREE??!! I almost feel obligated to shop with them for offering such great shipping to Canada! Its such a rare thing. But I am definitely pondering buying these two:


I also officially entered adulthood and bought furniture last week. Its the second time I've ever bought a piece of new furniture and this was a couch and a chair! It felt like a massive and important undertaking. I don't get out much, remember? But now my perfect furniture is being made and we won't get it for another ten weeks! I'm dying of impatience, I hope I still like them by the time they come in!


Of course I'm praying for Dwija along with you all! Today is the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and I'm imploring His mercy for Dwija, baby and familia! 
I know I definitely don't realize the importance of motherhood until circumstances like this occur to others. Motherhood is really a huge undertaking. Its signing up for sacrifice, heroics, and pain. And in turn this is what marriage means in the Catholic sense. When we open our hearts and lives to the possibility of life it means opening ourselves up to the possibility of heart-rending circumstances that you only get through with grace and faith. I have no idea what I would do in Dwija's circumstance, and that makes me pray for her even more! Anyways! I mean this to sound much more uplifting than it does, praying and praying and thinking I should be offering prayers for all mothers encountering such difficulties more often!

Well TGI to the F! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Five random Favourites!



Its fabulous. Everything is green. Lilacs are in bloom. The temperature is perfect. The kids spend about 210% more time outside than during the winter. 

This is proof that the summers are so gorgeous in Alberta that they fool you into living here the whole year.


I fully admit that part of what I love about Mad Men is reading all the recaps on the internet the day after an episode airs. I think its awesome that a tv show can be dissected and analyzed and explored in so many ways. So many weird and really strange ways sometimes, but interesting nonetheless! 

These recaps of Tom and Lorenzo however, almost always blow my mind. They so cleverly talk about how costume designer Janie Bryant uses clothing to further the story and bring up different themes within the show. Seriously, I never knew that costume design could convey so much information or meaning. And who knew colours could mean so much?! Even if you aren't dedicated to the show just  give a read to how interesting the clothing is! 


The Magnificat's free Pope Francis picture!

Was I the only Catholic around who was searching for a small nice picture of the new pontiff but completely unable to find somewhere to buy one without having to purchase a box of 500 copies??

I literally gave a squeal of glee when I got May's Magnificat and found me a perfect Pope picture with no aggro! I don't know where we're going to put it yet. I want to find a place I'll see it often and remember to pray, but also not somewhere where its not going to look like a small shrine-just to not completely weird out non-Catholic visitors to my house! (You see my house is small and already contains ample religious paraphernalia on the walls, bookshelves etc so finding a balance in a well trafficked area is a challenge.)



Specifically the Costco variety made with real butter and come in a giant sized box for a ridiculously low price.

If you want to know the secret to my pregnancy and post-pregnancy weight gain there you have it! They're really so, so, so good though. I think I'm a bit addicted so its a good thing I only get to Costco every two to three weeks.


Doesn't she make everything beautiful?? I love Lauren's graphic skills. This one especially!

Happy Wednesday all!
Go see Hallie and all the fab fives!


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