Monday, January 30, 2017

Well, hello there

It's been two months since I posted which is by far the longest I've ever gone without blogging in over 5 years. I'm sure you've gotten along fine without me because Lord know there has been plenty of crazy to read on the internet!

There's no real reason why I stopped. I wish I had a big announcement that warranted so much virtual silence, but no pregnancy, no moving, no sending kids to real school, no new job. Heck, there's nary a new outfit around here.

I am just so hesitant to add to the noise I think. Which isn't quite rational because I still believe everyone else's thoughts and writings are worth reading and I still enjoy reading them. People's thoughts and contributions don't become less valuable just because the supply is disproportionately higher than demand. I feel often that I have nothing interesting and new to add, which is true, but I still love writing and want to get better at it, and of course the catch is you've got to practice a thing to get better. I still also really love the idea of sharing our ordinary days and lives with each other through blogging. It's still a meaningful way of communication.

We have been busy with all the regular "life living" over here! We had a really lovely Christmas season full of family and presents and chocolates and company coming over. Our January hasn't felt too snowed under and grey, we've stuck to the school routine but my big kids keep getting bigger and have so much fun skating and ice fishing and trying new things.

We're most definitely living with a three year old tyrant as all three year olds must be at some point. She's pulled some pretty epic tantrums in the last little while over things would previously not bothered her in the least. If you ask me a nap would fix this problem, but apparently that's a completely BONKERS idea according to the three year old. Shocker!

And other than that I've been over here doing those boring things like feeding 7 people 3 times a day without meal planning because meal planning is the worst. And still producing a really fun podcast! And watching a lot of British tv, reading a lot of books, occasionally cleaning my house, and crocheting for stress relief.

So same old me, but trying to jump back into the blogging game.

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