Friday, January 31, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol. 77

Joining Jen from Texas...which I'm contemplating moving to...


Can we all throw a party for January finally ending it's reign of terror?? I know it's the Superbowl this weekend, but we all know that we'll be drinking and eating all the carbs covered in cheese because we're so happy January is over!

Ok, I'm excited for the football too. Go Broncos! I'm fairly confident Peyton's got this, and he deserves another Superbowl for being so awesome. And everyone will eat nachos. I'm planning on pushing the boat out in the junk food department because I've been eating so dang healthy this month and it's starting to drive me crazy.


And now for a kindly service announcement: I mistakenly said in my book review from Wednesday of The Long Loneliness that Dorothy Day's cause for canonization wasn't started. Which is false, and so very, very wrong. Apparently I was drunk while writing, but I feel awful because that seems like a shameful mistake. I think I must have been thinking of someone else?? I don't know, I could just be losing my mind, but for the record: Dorothy Day's cause is under investigation and she has been given the title Servant of God by the Church in recognition of a holy life. 
Thanks for putting up with me. I'm firing my fact-checker.


Now back to cabin fever. 

(Anyone remember Muppets Treasure Island and the point where the crazy little rats sing, "We've got cabin fever, We've got cabin fever!" like a conga line? Just me? Ok then.)

I know this makes me sound like a wench, but the rest of North America: now you know how we Canadians feel. Muahaha!

And don't even get me started on Atlanta...seriously...don't...even...

I'm sorry, but everywhere you turn everyone is mad at staying in the house with their offspring (which I enjoy because it makes me feel normal and not like a horrible mother all the time), and wondering what to do indoors, and being mad at the weather. And all I can say is welcome to my winter. Since the middle of November. It's been making me question why I live in Canada, but unfortunately the summer's convince me to stay. Somehow. It's a weird summer vortex that tricks the mind.

Basically Kelly reads my mind. I'll forgive her for her mild New Jersey winters though.


Phew. The weeks in the winter are feeling long. I'm feeling buried in furious toddler, then hungry baby, then fighting older kids, then helping kids learn, then repeat. Gosh, this homeschooling and kids wanting to learn all the time...someone should really figure out how to bottle their child-like curiosity because I could make a killing off college students. But they always want books read to them, games played, art to be attempted. Basically they want to be learning all the time. Which is starting to get a little exhausting. I love it of course, but exhausting.

Oh, and another weird thing do you moms of many children notice your kids not wanting to spend time alone? All my kids can't be raging extroverts can they? But trying to get them to play somewhere else by themselves seems like pulling teeth lately. It's not as if I want them to go to the west wing, our house is tiny, but I would just like a little space to buffer them from each other sometimes. Is it because they haven't been alone their whole lives? Am I scarring them for life? I'm chalking it up to my kids being so little, six is my eldest number, but will this change? Give me some hope!


Last week when I escaped the house for an afternoon I found this amazing and very expensive coat on at a killer price. Sometimes I just shop like its a competition and buy things that are an amazing sale price to prove to everyone who have no idea/don't care at all that I'm a fantastic shopper. Or something. I have delusions of grandeur.

But once I get home I question if I bought it because I love it and it fits well or if I bought it for the wonderful price. I need an objective opinion! Here's the coat:

In my mind I want to look chic like this:

In my dreams, naturally. But what do you think? Fashionable ladies give me your wisdom!


Earlier this week Gemma woke up and told me about the dream she had the night before:

Gemma: I had a great dream we were at Pope Francis's castle in Rome!
Me: Oh, wow that sounds awesome! We were all really happy to see Pope Francis?
Gemma: Oh -- you weren't there mom, you were home with the babies, I went with Grammy.

Story of my life.


And I know you all have seen the winners of the 2014 Sheenazing Awards! Thanks to any and everyone who voted for me, because that's really amazing and I've been so happy ever since I was nominated with all those fantastic people! I hope the winners are all pleased with themselves, maybe even enjoy an alcoholic beverage on me! Actually I'd buy everyone who voted for me a drink too! 

Thanks to Bonnie who again did so much work for such a fun and encouraging endeavour. I honestly think its such a nice thing to do, and it's so nice to find exciting and interesting new bloggers like I have already. 

Happy Weekend everyone! Remember, January's over, it's only 5 more months of winter!

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  1. That picture of Nora is amazing, as always! And, the coat - fabulous!! I'm not homeschooling yet, but I completely get most of everything you said. Ahh. I think it will get better!

  2. I really like the coat! My oldest is my olny one who likes to be alone, because he's a huge book lover and blocks out everyone and everything around him. He's almost 11 now, so just wait, it'll happen!!

  3. I'm with you on January being almost over. And yes, I think often of you whenever I'm thinking it's getting beyond bearable here. We sing the "Cabin Fever" song Muppet style, too. It's just too fitting.

    I think the coat looks fabulous, not that I'm a fashionista or anything. Coats are one of those things I always just feel puffy in, but pretty sure the long length of that one helps it keep some style going. Anyhoo, you look cute in it. =)

  4. My favorite Muppet movie!...and yes that song has been burning in my brain all winter.

  5. Oh I LOVE the coat! Personally, I think you look better than the model :) Good work finding such a deal!

  6. I love your coat! It's super cute and very flattering on you :-) I do the same thing with shopping! I love getting good deals and probably annoy all my friends with my boasting about the awesome deal I just found haha But I personally love hearing about good deals that have been found :-)

  7. The coat is AWESOME! Seriously! :)

  8. It's a sweet coat; keep it! And you look much cuter than the other anonymous lady, IMHO.

  9. Too too funny Christy. . . . Except the coat; it seriously looks good. . . . But with the weather stuck at 0 degrees F here in the usually mild mid-Atlantic, it's been a little taste of what you people way up north deal with every single winter. For months on end. My hat is off to you.

  10. What a cute coat- it's a keeper!

  11. I think the coat is fabulous and timeless and you will never regret buying it - I have a black wool pea coat from more than 5 years ago that I still wear now and will be wearing for probably 20+ more years because it's just perfect and timeless!


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