Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Five Favourites - Five Favourite Ways to Beat Endless Winter Edition

Aloha, ladies!

I'm thrilled to be hosting our favourite quintuples this week while Hallie preforms many works of mercy for her beautiful children. Let's all say a prayer that the stomach flu never visits anyone with small children ever again.

Today I'm sharing 5 Ways to Beat Endless Winter. While I'm no expert, oh wait, I live in Canada - I am an expert! - these are just some little ways that make winter a bit more...endurable?


Bright Lipstick

And I'm talking bright. Reds, bright pinks, or possibly your darker plums and corals. Just not your usual lipgloss or nude. Now, I know that makeup fashion for the past few years has been all about the nude lip, but unless you're on high definition tv for hours at a time it really does the average woman no favours. But put on some gorgeous red, or a happy bright pink, and instantly your pale face looks better and brighter. Not to mention your mood substantially brightens up as well. It's fun to wear at home when you're snowbound and can't escape while making you feel fancy! The way I look at it is we're all not getting any younger, and life is too short to not wear some pretty lipstick!



Nope, not just wine, an actual bottle of bubbly.
 There are pretty good affordable champers out there. I'm fairly partial to the Martini, a not too sweet Italian number that's excellent for celebrations such as "You Lived Through Wednesday". Get it really cold, and pop the cork one weekday evening with your beloved after the offspring have conked out. It's no hotel room away, but it makes for a little evening for the middle of the week.


Some Kind of Dance Video Game

This tip comes courtesy of my 16 year old, much cooler sister who received Just Dance 2014 for Christmas. She's forced me to play this game with her since then, and let me just tell you, you may feel and look like a complete idiot but it's a lot of fun. You get to dance ridiculous choreography to ridiculous pop songs all the while burning off calories and anger stress. It's also perfect to just pop on while the kids are napping (I can't vouch for all the dance moves/songs being appropriate for kids) and have a couple moments that just clear your mind, get you moving, and have a good laugh at yourself. 


Do something out of the ordinary!

I don't take this advice as much as I should, but when I think of what perks me up the most in the winter it's doing something that I don't do normally. This may come in the form of going to the gym, making it to weekday Mass or Holy Hour, going for a coffee date with a friend or your husband sans kids, or possibly just going to Starbucks by yourself and looking off into space for 20 uninterrupted by-toddlers-and-their-bathroom-issues minutes. (Oh? Is that just my idea of fun?)

Or it might be to have someone over for dinner. Going for a pedicure. Baking. Reading more. Watching more British television. Just purposefully give yourself the permission to do something you wouldn't normally have in your schedule and enjoy it!


Get a package in the mail

I know this can sort of come off as buying happiness, but sometimes if you can afford it, even just enough to get free shipping from Amazon, a package in the mail is one of life's greatest small joys. There's something exciting and almost mysterious about an unopened package coming in the mail. Especially when it may be a little treat you bought yourself weeks ago, or two days ago from Amazon. A little treasure from Etsy or Ebay is always a great pick-me-up. Of course, it's not quite perfect as none of them have yet figured out that the best packaging is brown paper tied up with strings.

I hope that helps if you're like me and still in the icy throes of a long, long winter! Remember, one day we'll be complaining it's too hot, right?

Give me your top five this week! And remember, only the Canadian spelling for "Favourite" is acceptable this week!  ;)

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  1. Hey there fellow Canuck! I grew up in Canada, so I wanted to say hi, and I was also wondering if you could delete my link from the Link Up because I screwed up the title and thumbnail (newbie!!!). I'm # 8 (A Little of What You Like Does You Good!) Glad you're hosting! :)

  2. I look completely ridiculous, but I do enjoy dancing with Just Dance. After 2 songs, I'm pretty much worn out, though.
    I will never, ever complain about hot summers again. Probably.

  3. You look so great in colorful lipstick. I look like a hooker. Seriously. My 2 year old loves dancing to Just Dance's Rock Lobster, I need to get him on video, it really is a great winter activity!!

    1. Ha, I feel the same way about lipstick! I always feel like it looks so fake and that I'm trying too hard! I need someone to pick something out for me, I think :)

      We're big fans of regular ol' dance parties around here as well but that game sounds super fun!

    2. Lipstain! I found some at the drugstore a few weeks ago and love it! I can't pull off lipstick, but a stain is perfect. =)

  4. What great ideas in the middle of this LONG winter! I especially love the lipstick idea. :)

  5. Great tips! I found a new-to-me and very inexpensive champagne called "Delicia whipped." It tastes like a yummy cream soda! And yes, music and something 'new' to do are such pick-me-ups!

  6. Martini is my favorite kind of champagne. Tho prosecco (Italian bubbly) is good too, poured over lemon sorbet. And yes you can buy happiness and haveit delivered in the mail. No shame! :-)

  7. We've had quite a mild and unusual winter in California. My plants all think it's spring! It makes me nervous about what kind of insane temperatures this summer has in store for us, since triple digits are the norm, anyway. I think I'll need your advice for our interminable summer!
    I'm so glad Hallie sent me to your blog! This is my first time visiting. Your tips are definitely ringing true for me. Brown paper packages tied up in strings? Always a favorite!! Especially when the contents are lovely hardbound books, like in your picture. :)

  8. I love Just Dance, and I'm not ashamed to admit it! And yes, packages are the best, even if you had to buy them yourself.

  9. When the UPS man delivers anything from Amazon, even the kids come running and screaming. We may love it just a little too much.

  10. Totally agree about fun lipstick - just putting on lipstick is quite a feat for me, so it makes me feel like I went the extra mile.

    And yay for packages - even just practical stuff is fun to get.

  11. Holidays like "you survived Wednesday". Yes, yes and more yes. :) I wonder if my boyos would let me wear bright lipstick. I painted my toes orange one time, and my son (2.5 y.o.at the time?) cried that he wanted me to change them back again...;)

  12. I took your #4 to heart and took a walk up the street today - visited a shrine and an art gallery! Very cool. And love me some Amazon packages!

  13. Love the I made it through Wednesday celebration - some weeks, it should be headline news :-)


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