Friday, August 30, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 57

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Friday's are so nice to wake up to...and not simply because I love reading everyone's Seven Quickies. But it does play a significant part!

I'm a blogging while cooking some lasagna for weekend guests because my sainted mother came and took the mobile offspring. The non-mobile offspring is having a great nap because she's pretty much been up since 4 am. Lucky duck. So the question I should now be asking is why is Bubble Guppies still playing in the background??


This week has been beautiful around this neck of the woods. And even though the fields are turning gold and the smell of fall is beginning to creep in from the surrounding forests I've been trying to soak up the summer-ness! I've let the kids play in the sprinkler/slip-n-slide/kiddie pool everyday, even though its a drag to get them all changed into swimsuits, then clean them all and change them back into clothes, and blow up the pool that has a leak every. single. day, because before I know it it'll be sub-arctic temperatures again and I'll be dying for a day of even faux warmth! I've even gone whole hog on the fun-mum bandwagon and been giving out popsicles like theres no such thing as blood sugar resistance. Max has never known such bliss in his life!


But with the fun-mum some things they must a-slide. I'm confessing I haven't worked out at all in the last couple weeks. I've just sat in the sun with the kids. I feel very little guilt about this. That's how much I dislike fitness. Or love sunshine. The worst part about working out is just getting the gumption up to do it. I even started thinking to myself, "Oh well, September starts next week, we might as well let August slide...", it's astonishing I'm not an inspirational speaker right?


I really think that I may need to spend less time speaking to toddlers. This week I've had whole conversations where I've used phrases like, "Yes, that did happen when mummy used to change your bum," and "I think you're right that the bad witch's magic told Sleeping Beauty to prick her thumb on the spinning wheel even though you shouldn't listen to witch's because they wear black dresses,"and I honestly participated as if we were discussing the problems involved with outside intervention in Syria. 


We haven't started school officially around here. I mean, we've been doing math every other day or so for more than a week, but I don't want to use the phrase "have started school". I'm looking at starting school more as a "soft opening" idea like they use in the restaurant business. (I watch A LOT of Food Network, ok?!) We'll slowly break into more school "stuff". But I'm not going to jinx myself by taking official "First Day of Kindergarten/Grade 1" pictures yet. I just think to be realistic and successful this year its going to be good to keep expectations and rigid scheduling at a low level. Yikes!


Does it sound like a watch a lot of tv around here? Because I have another series to recommend. I probably do watch too much tv...judge away. I'm talking about a new British series that just aired here in Canada on Showcase, called Broadchurch. I've read that it just aired on BBC America in the States, so that makes me think it must soon be available on Netflix, but again, I don't have it so I don't really know, but look into it mmkay?! 

Be forewarned that its a pretty heavy show. Its a crime drama whodunit based on the murder of a child, so its not easy subject matter. The acting, production, and writing however, are so well done and the show really sucked me in. It tells the story through a whole community and all those involved who were effected by the crime, who are trying to solve it, and who are suspected. I cried a couple of times over the course of the mini-series, there is only 8 episodes, because there were many well done moments that really told a story of how crime/sin impacts a community in many different ways. 

Did I mention is stars David Tennant, aka Dr. Who numero 10? It also has some actors from Cranford, I don't know their names of course, but I instantly recognized them because I watch Cranford on a monthly basis. 


I should really be going kicking some ass and taking some names in the housecleaning department.  My whole house is a disaster and completely unprepared for company. And with the kids gone it may actually mean I might be able to successfully clean something! 

Ah! I just remembered its a long weekend! Are there better words to the stay at home mom than "long weekend"?? Ok...possibly "I'll babysit your kids while you go to Hawaii for a couple weeks" or "Free wine" but "long weekend" is up there!

Have a very bon long week-end everybody!

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Howard's End and What We're Reading Wednesday

I finished Howards End by E. M. Forster about a week ago and I've been thinking ever since about what to write about it.

The thing is, I liked it but I didn't like it. Its a fairly interesting story with an intriguing heroine, Margaret Schlegel, but Forster is attempting to make a social commentary using storytelling. This almost always spells disaster. I'd say the development of most the characters really takes the hit. Margaret's sister Helen, becomes the epitome of the artistic, spiritual person rebelling against the capitalistic tendencies of the day, while Henry Wilcox, Margaret's husband, is simply a raging materialist. There seem to be little shades of real character until the ending, which makes for tough reading at times.

Despite this however Forster still comes away as an astounding writer. Not an astounding writer in terms of plots, characters, and even ideas or themes, but every once in a while a passage comes along which contains such beauty in terms of prose, description, and acute observational insight that it stops you in your tracks. Although a fleeting fancy, I think these passages make Forster worth reading, at least once.

I liked the idea of the story. Margaret and her sister Helen are artistic-types, who survive comfortably on a legacy of money, but they are actively concerned about the societal ills that plague post-Victorian British society and the relationship between rich and poor classes. They want to make things better for the poor, but like many rich then and now, have such a small understanding of what poverty means and how to help. They come into contact with the Wilcox family, a upper class family whose wealth has come from hard work and commercial success. The Wilcox's embody an upper class who looks down on those with less as a matter of personal fault and lack of initiative, they seem unfeeling towards those with less. As the Wilcox's and Schlegel sisters mix their differing world views collide and its only Margaret who can envision any peace being reached.

Margaret marries Henry Wilcox, the family's patriarch after the death of his wife, Margaret's friend. Margaret admired Mrs. Wilcox's love of home and its importance, although her death came before Margaret could understand it completely. Henry Wilcox falls in love (and term is used as a bit of a stretch here) with Margaret and their marriage rocks both their families. Both families come in contact with the Bast's, a couple from the bottom of the economic ladder whom Helen seeks to help and Mr. Wilcox be rid of, the Bast's propel the plot until its surprising ending.

I don't want to give to much away of the plot that deals with the Bast's because I feel that its surprising conclusion was the better part of this novel. I did not see the ending coming in quite that fashion. And yet, I was pleased that Margaret's balance wins over both philosophical extremes in her sister and husband.

Have you read Howards End ? Was it a classic? I haven't seen the movie - which seems impossible because I'm Emma Thompson's biggest fan, I swear - but I hope to this weekend so I'll let you know how I compare the two versions!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 56

Seven quick ones for Jen...and the world!

Go visit Conversion Diary for the real deal and a plethora of posts!


Can I just say that there is not much in life as entertaining as watching a 20 month old walk around in one toy high heel...

This week I finally felt back on track from the weeks of people being sick around here. And by people I mostly mean me. Its nice to feel as if you have energy again and as if you might make it through the day doing something other than lying around. 
Even though I felt normal again I was pretty slow and didn't get much accomplished. I think I'm still living with ridiculously too high of expectations of what I can get done in a day. In reality one larger sized job gets done during the day in addition to just keeping children alive. And by one job I mean one job that needs a bit of attention or time. On Tuesday I wanted to reorganize the bathroom closet and I got it done, but only with throwing a wrench into babies' meal times and having the older 3 out of the house! I did it all for the enormous sense of accomplishment I felt. Seriously. Standards, they be low.


Dominic has become obsessed with finding warning signs everywhere. For some reason my husband must have given a really awesome explanation to a warning sign Dom saw one day because he loves finding warning signs and asking what they're about. And we live in such a ridiculous society today that most every toy we own has one. His booster seat has one. Anything that is supposed to be something to do with a baby has one. Bottles have 'em. I had no idea how they were everywhere until this week. Dom always has to say, "Mama come look! I found a warnin' sign! What does it say?" and I always have to go tell him. But this happens at least 25 times a day. I'm going to count one of these days!
Have I mentioned he is a ridiculously conscientious and observant kid for being 4?? He also has what seems like a freakishly photogenic memory. Basically he is going to homeschooling gold!


In his new room...I think he believes it will bring super powers.

We put Dominic and Luke downstairs in their new room for the first time this week! And let me tell you...I now feel as if I'm wealthy and live in a huge mansion! We don't hear them up and wrestling for hours, we don't have to go in 50 times to tell the three of them to go to sleep! Its changed my life. 
But, we also moved Max in with Gemma and he is being what can only be described as extremely difficult to live with. He just likes yelling at poor Gemma for about two hours. So I feel as if I've lost one source of constant annoying noise and gained a new one! Or the noise of three new ones. I'm just crossing my fingers he learns to deal/go to sleep instantly and we can all live in harmony.


With all this baby moving it means Nora has her own bedroom. Its kinda a big deal because she seemed to be waking up more at night lately in the living room. I think mostly due to our main living room windows not having blinds and there being so much light. Which we can't really fix. Quickly at least.
She's sleeping so much better and in her own crib and going to sleep so well. I'm feeling pretty cocky lately about my ability to sleep train babies. I believe that my intensive 6 year course with 5 different test subjects has exposed me to every kind of baby sleep hating tactic there is and that I now come out victorious! So I think it means that I now have my Masters in sleep training. Thank you very much. I'm just deciding what letters I want after my name.


My window trim paint reveal! Humour me, I have to document my small successes! And damn, its hard to photograph windows...

I started repainting my window trim in the living room and kitchen this week because a year after we had a window replaced we're finally touching up the paint around it. Why does painting trim make everything look better?? I did our main living room window and then had to do our giant patio door as well, and they look so good I want everything else painted too! I just don't want to have to do it. I had to covertly paint at night after all the kids were in bed so that it could dry without being touched by goopy baby hands. At that rate if I were to even attempt the whole main floor it would take me till next year and every night! 


All this preparation is happening because the husband is picking up my new furniture today! I'm excited about it but at the same time feel a little guilty. How awful is that? I think its because we were both raised in homes where new furniture didn't happen often, and I feel as if I haven't really earned new furniture somehow. When we got married we only had furniture castoffs from family members. Then we bought a new, really cheap couch a couple years later which has been our main piece of living room furniture ever since. Its awful and cheap and has lost all its cushion so we've been saving up since last year specifically for new furniture because I wanted to make it a priority. I bought a new couch and chair in May and its finally ready now. I know I didn't spend a fortune (I read design blogs - I know!) but I'm still feeling extravagant somehow. Because we live so far from the city I can't really hunt craigslist for fun furniture finds, nor do I really have the time to do that now, although I'd really like to. We saved up, we both believe that our house right now is the appropriate place to spend money because its where we spend most of our time and its really the most important thing in our life. Aside from children...but making a home is important to it all works right?? I feel strongly that your home should be an adequate reflection of your family's personality and be comfortable, functional, and pretty, basically it should be a home! Anyway! I'm a rambling.


And now I'm debating carpet cleaning my living room carpet before the new furniture comes in. Ugh. It feels like something you shouldn't even try to touch. I shudder to think how dirty it is. Really, even attempting to clean it is futile. It really needs it. Do I want to lug up the giant carpet cleaner and try? But its really dirty. It'll look so much better if theres clean carpet next to new furniture...but I'm lazy.  

This was a riveting Quick Takes...Have a much more riveting weekend!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Five, tv, hair...what more do you want??

I haven't done Five Favourites in a while and I just miss here goes!


Do you ever like someone's whole album anymore?? I mean apart from Mumford and Sons?? Anyone?? Well this is the first time in a long while that I've liked the entire album of someone who's song I can't get out of my head. (That song is "What I Wouldn't Do" - at least go listen to that one!) Its Serena Ryder's Harmony album and its on the iTunes store or where ever you procure your muzak these days. She's listed in iTunes as "Folk" but I call her good pop. As in no awful lyrics about stripper poles, but fun, well-written songs about love. 


This isn't really my favourite this week, but it is Dominic's. Its the Angry Birds board game, if you will. On the box it says, "Based on the popular app." And when I read that I died a little on the inside. The board games are based on apps now people...weep a little for society. But Dom doesn't have a clue about the app because I'm a little anal about keeping the small devices away from the smalls for as long as possible, but he really loves this game! Its silly, its plastic, but it does come with little blocks to build the towers and a sling shot to throw little angry birds. Or "bad birds" as Dom calls them. Anyways its a lot of fun for him and sometimes you want a board game for small children...right? Or do we just want apps? 


Online shopping. Just any online shopping. This week I'm ordering a bunch of fun books for "school" because we have homeschooling funding in our province and since I've bought as much core curriculum as I think I'm going to use I'm really going to town on Amazon with the good children's books. But shopping...its so bad but soooo good. Last week was Zulily...don't get me started...


We've started watching ye old Foyle's War the last couple weeks. It has to be one of the only Masterpiece Mystery series that has thus far gone unwatched by me. And it is so good. I've only watched two episodes and I'm completely behind it. Foyle is such a great character. He is a British badass in that he seems so stoic and nonchalant at times, but really he's incredibly smart and when he brings the hammer down on the bad guys its really awesome. It all takes place in small coastal town in Britain during the Second World War and it does an amazing job portraying the various strains the war caused on everyday life. 


If you're a hair product junkie like myself you'll wanna try this bad boy out. Its the Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 Bb Creme. Its cheap, it kinda works wonders, and its cheap! My hair is wavy/weird/frizzy, and this stuff tames without being heavy. It's also one of those products where you can use a little to fight frizz or more to get curls. It seems to really up the shine too. Its worth a try for sure!

Now onward to better faves-Moxie Wife here you come!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Marriage - The Mysterious Sacrament

I've been married for seven years today!

I don't seem to ponder my marriage often. Most times I'm thankful for my wonderful, loving, caring husband who understands and loves me through everything. Sometimes I marvel at how undeserving I am of such a man and such a marriage. But its much easier to focus on the concrete than the big idea. The great husband I have sitting in front of me, lying beside me, the one I sometimes take for granted, is easier to understand and appreciate than my "marriage".

I say this because before I got married I knew that my vocation was marriage, but at the same time had no idea what "marriage" in the sacramental or everyday sense really meant. Does anyone know what it really means before getting married? Do we have any clue what the nitty-gritty of marriage will be like before getting married? I'd be surprised to find anyone who thought they knew what living as man and wife would be like before tying the knot and be proved right in consequence.

But in the spiritual, metaphysical, sacramental sense of marriage do we any idea what it means? I feel that after seven years I have only a glimpse of what marriage means within the spiritual reality. And the only way I feel I can describe it is knowing that my marriage is bigger than me. Its even bigger than both of us. And not just in the sense that now we have five little dependents, a family, a domestic church, a whole little world that has miraculously come from the two of us choosing to marry each other.

Our marriage in the spiritual reality is something much bigger than just the two of us. It is itself a sacrament. A sacrament where my husband and I are the matter, like the physical bread and wine used in the sacrament of the Eucharist. We're the basic, plain, worldly, physical, bodily stuff of which God uses as a direct way to give grace and love. That's pretty bizarre when you think of it. Bizarre in the mysterious, incomprehensible sense.

I know that we're meant to mostly be a sacrament to each other. We're the direct line to each other of God's love and the main impetus of getting each other to heaven. And after the two of us, we're a sacrament to our children. Hopefully we're giving them more grace than aggro, more love than psychological issues. But more than that we're a living sacrament. A sacrament that has eternal implications, that is a vital part of God's life and plan for his Church on earth, but also something that exists in itself as a spiritual reality.

I don't know about you but that idea is pretty hard to wrap one's head around. But sometimes I feel a tiny glimmer of it. In times of difficulty, when I fail to love my husband, when we are on different wave lengths of communication, times of stress; I feel a greater pull forward, not just from the happy idea that we have vast depths of romantic love for each other, but an almost outward pull. And in another way an outward form of support. More than relying on the knowledge that our marriage is for keeps, but a support that feels like an extra pouring of perseverance and preserving solidity. It doesn't magically make your marriage easier, or feel more romantic, but it shines a little light on the fact of your marriage being more. More than just you, your feelings, your failings, your disagreements and struggles, something that is concretely part of God's will.

Like I said, I'm not good at describing this idea. But I know that its true. In seven years I've seen a small glimmer of what God really sees when He sees our marriage. Its a beautiful, complex mystery of how two people really do join together with God and His Church in marriage. I also know that our love has only grown stronger and deeper through seven years of marriage and is another sign of the beauty of God's working through the sacrament. I hope that as the years go by we both see more of this mysterious and loving work of God in our marriage.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

wiws-A New Dress!

What's that, you say? A new dress isn't headline-worthy? Well, then your life is much more exciting than mine!

But really...if I can't come up with a post involving a new dress then my credibility as an amateur blogger is mute.

So here's what I wore to Mass yesterday. (We only have a Saturday night vigil Mass at our parish...which is convenient in the fact that after going to Mass with my children I always need a stiff drink.)

The dress is from Ruche and I bought it on a bit of a whim because it was on mega-sale and its from Tulle which I've found to be a really well made line. Thankfully it fit! Its all wonderful cotton, and has buttons for all that pesky nursing baby stuff. It has a great collar that I wanted to pop a la Joanne Woodward, but then I'm pretty sure my husband wouldn't go out in public with me. 

And the dress has pockets! Pockets in dresses is one of life's greatest joys.

Weird hand motions. Crazy faces. I was born for the camera. 
Also; pardon my hair. I didn't wear it to Mass like this. This hair is "been to Mass, ate pizza, drank a beer, put 4 kids to bed, one kid is still awake" hair. It was getting a little dark out for this pictures even.

And we finally got little Miss Serious to laugh for the camera a bit. I don't think she's crazy about being my prop.

Go check out the more fashionable church-goers at Fine Linen and Purple

Friday, August 16, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol 55.

Quick Taking with the best of them with Jen!


Thanks for your sweet words and prayers for my Granny! 
She was 95 and led a relatively healthy life and did remarkably well for her age up until a couple months ago. (She drank tons of coffee...which I will always attribute to a well spent and long life!) But 95 years...she was born in 1918, the last year of the Great War. She was in her twenties while the Second World War raged. She was born in British Columbia when it was really just a little more developed than the days of pioneers. She saw amazing change and lived in an incredible time in history. Its amazing to think about. She was also a great Grandma who loved us immensely!


I hope everyone's read Jen's post about Breaking Bad and have fully caught up on all 5 seasons by now. I was going to mention last week how excited I was that it was starting up again, this last season is going to blow me away. The episode on Sunday was great I thought. It was a perfect example of how carefully and subtly the show creates such tension. I'm so curious as to the show will resolve since Walt's ego/pride is so big he doesn't even blink knowing he's been caught.
Breaking Bad is really the greatest show on tv. Its so worth watching for the acting and writing. I don't think any other modern story-telling has done a moral play so well. I initially was hesitant to begin watching it because I thought I'd find content matter upsetting but its so compellingly portrayed. I love Mad Men of course, but its morality is far more ambiguous and we'll need to see the show in its completion to understand its moral view I think. Anyway-go watch Breaking Bad now.


I've decided there is no such thing as having too much toddler underwear. I swear we must have 50 pairs between boys and girls, but its never enough. They're always running out. Sure, it may be because I get around to laundry once a week, but lets not point fingers. I bought more for everyone yesterday...again...and I don't regret it at all! 


Max just woke up from his nap and handed me an empty hotel-size bottle of lotion. 
I can't find any gooey mess in any of his blankets or crib. 
There's lotion all over his face.
Apparently lotion tastes pretty good.
He won't die right??


I got out of the house yesterday and did a whirlwind couple hours shopping while my mother in law had the bambinos. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I got done! (Thanks to Nora switching over to eating every 4 hours compared with every 3-I'm an ace at time management!) 
I had everyone out and loaded in the car by 10 which has to be some kind of world record. The hour and half car ride passed pleasantly minus a screaming Max, I forgot his soother and for some reason don't yet have a glove box full of soothers. 
I heard Dom talking on his phone while we drove in with the following conversation, "Hi, this is Dominic, I'd like 2 lattes." I was laughing too hard to ask him who the second latte was for. I may take him through the Starbucks drive-thru too much.


Is it weird to admit that one of the best parts of having five kids is shopping for clothes for them? Ok, its not even on the top 25 list but I do like shopping, having 5 more reasons to do so is a pleasant bonus! Yesterday I bought up a bunch of summer clothes that were on sale, enough for the boys next summer. Obviously having three boys conveniently within three years of each other makes the hand-me-down situation pretty stellar. I now buy nicer clothes for Dominic than I usually would knowing that they'll be going through three boys. Of course by the time they reach Max they might be relegated to just play clothes, but then I'll usually only have to buy a few nicer items for Max each season to stave off the ragamuffin look in public. 


I was so breathtakingly efficient with the kid clothes and grocery shopping that I had time to hit a thrift store. And I came back with a haul of books! 

A Grimm's Fairy Tales from, I believe 1948 because it has a sweet inscription inside the cover in pencil!
A collection of Russian short stories, I couldn't resist.
A great edition of The House at Pooh Corner.
And Adventure Stories for Girls - because I'm really curious!

Nancy Drew #47 - Because its one of my life goals to have the whole Nancy Drew collection from the 50's.
Under the Lilacs by Louisa May Alcott, I can't remember if I've read this one but the pretty pink binding is worth it in of itself!
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and The Swiss Family Robinson in really great hardcover edition. I can't resist classics! 

4 volumes of My Book House which I've been looking for since reading about how Sarah and others are incorporating them within read-alouds for homeschooling. I was looking at buying the whole set off ebay this week for around $150 bucks with shipping this week and I think I screamed a little when I saw them on the shelf yesterday for $4.00 each. Of course now I just need the other eight and I'll be set!

And this. Because I'm the biggest sucker for vintage pictures of mothers and babies. I hope I can find a good place for it!

Thanks for checking in on my sanity and book neediness - Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Doldrums...

Ever have a bad day and immediately begin to rethink all your major life decisions?

Why does that always happen? 

I feel like I've had a couple bad weeks with this sickness going through our house and all that entails. The lack of sleep, the cancelling of plans, the never leaving the house, and the backload of laundry and cleaning it all produces. 

I'm starting to regret that we didn't plan any kind of vacation this summer. Of course, its mainly because Nora's so small and any hope of sleeping together as a family in a hotel-like situation would never happen. Max is also at the oh-so-fun stage of hating to ride in the car for more than twenty minutes. Couple that with his apparent inability to go out in public and not scream at the top of his lungs every 3 minutes and we're not the best tourists. 

Since both our families live close to us we have no real reason to travel. And, more importantly, it makes for much fewer willing participants open to take in a family with 5 kids under 7 for a fun sleepover. It just feels like logistics, like gravity, are simply working against us. 

I don't want to this to become a huge moan-fest over what a drag a lot of kids can be, but it feels really tough right now just getting out of the house let alone going anywhere on a trip! I feel like I must be doing this wrong. Am I not adventurous enough? Am I just lazy? How does everyone else go on such happy trips?

I mean, in theory things will be different soon. Really, I know this year is the hardest because its just really difficult to do things with three small kids, then an out of control toddler, then a small infant. Its just a wide range of time consuming, constant supervision requiring, diaper wearing, breastfeeding children! 

I also know that I'm just in need of a change of scene. I'm getting a little newborn-baby-burnt-out. I know this, I've been there four times before. I also know there isn't really a quick fix for this. I want to breastfeed Nora for at least a while longer since she's doing well. But when you live 2 hours from civilization, or even a decent restaurant to go to for a dinner out with your husband, everything requires days of planning, multiple babysitters, and practically a whole day of travel! It makes me want to rethink where I live. 

Maybe I do just need to go through all the hoops for one dinner out. I guess I'm just tired of everything requiring so much work and organization. I'm not too sure why I'm not used to this yet, things have required organization and work for a while now. The reality of being tied down has come to a head this week though as my grandmother passed away on the weekend, and now my inability to travel over 7 hours to get to the funeral has me irked. 

Anyway! I'm trying to talk myself out of making dramatic, life-changing decisions right now as I know I'm in that awful headspace of self-pity. Even though I want to jump to making decisions because it drives me crazy when people just wallow instead of looking for solutions. 

I'm fairly certain I should just calm down a little and pray a little more. And resist my urge to just watch British drama all day while letting the kids scavenge for their own cereal. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol 54 and My Ten Cents on Everything!

Joining Jen with the seven what-whats.


Lets get my health griping out of the way first. 
The kids are all better!! Hurray! Hallelujah!
But I'm still sick. Damnation! 
I took about five steps backwards on Wednesday night when I couldn't sleep. At all. I was exhausted and couldn't sleep - the worst! I think it was because my body was so used to responding to sick kids every five minutes every night for over a week that the first time everyone slept peacefully my body couldn't handle it. I was wasted yesterday. 
And of course most of life around here is dependent on me functioning fully at 110% capacity so there is nothing in the fridge, the laundry is reproducing at alarming rates in every room, things have been cancelled, all progress made in organization over the past century in this house has been totally destroyed, etc etc etc. And the crazy part is I don't even mind that much.


So this whole blogging issue that's surfaced this's my ten cents because you've all been waiting, I know. 

I thought Simcha's main point was - us girls place a little too much importance on how we feel about blogs and should instead just accept our own personalities and focus on blogs that suit us instead of obsessing over blogs that aren't really our cup of tea i.e. pity-party/obsessing over the perfect mom. And I love this point! I would preach this point about most everything everyday if I could! Know your own personality, dammit!! I get so tired of women moaning about some blog - just don't read it! 

I think Simcha's intention was not to bombard pretty blogs, or say that every blog that writes about their happy children and not their grumpy children is wrong. I think her point was if you find yourself envying other blogs, or rethinking your life/kids/happiness because of an individual blog then own it and move on. Don't waste so much time wondering why your life doesn't seem so pretty, or being mad that someone's life is perfect. Or defending the way you blog for that matter! These are such easy emotional pitfalls for us but if we just accept that suchandsuch blog is too "something" for us, just don't read it because there are so many blogs out there that will speak to you, that will inspire you, that you will relate to. Spend your time on those!


I think everyone's read blogs at a point in their lives where they think that a blog writer is perfect and their life must be perfect and thus our life is just crap on a plate. Some blogs really do share a lifestyle that is unattainable and unrealistic. Some blogs are way too pretty. And I think most of those blogs are professional blogs, and not really mom blogs, and I don't think I've ever read a Catholic mom blog that has ever put itself out there as such. I think if you're only reading professional style/fashion/mom blogs then you really can tend in the direction of feeling inadequate. 

I've been reading blogs a long time now. I was so happy to discover blogs because here were women who shared similar interests to me at a time where I was around moms in certain mom groups who seemed to have no interests that were remotely similar to mine. And I'm so happy I did because I feel inspired, happier, and not so lonely in reading these blogs! 

That being said I've read blogs that I consistently read but wasn't getting any enjoyment from. I didn't feel any connection, and mostly had bad feelings about from them, and disagreed with their attitudes more often than not. And then finally I said to myself - who cares if this blog is popular, I don't like it! And I stopped reading it. And I had more time to read blogs I did love, and there are many! It was a question of what suited me. Losing what didn't suit me took nothing away from me except all those opportunities to compare. 


That all being said I love a variety of blogs. I love the blogs where the authors find beauty everywhere, I love blogs where women are real, I love blogs that are literary, I love blogs that are mainly photographic, I love blogs by people who aren't Catholic, I love blogs. 
The beauty of blogging is that anyone can write what they want about what interests them. This is why it's impossible not to find something to love. Also it should be on the reader to not judge a blog author solely on their blog. Because a blog isn't someone's life, even if you're The Pioneer Woman. There still might be things about The Pioneer Woman we don't know about! Crazy, I know! 


I finally did some personality tests this week! (Mainly because Jenny asked, and Kendra, Modern Mrs. Darcy, and Olivia wrote about them so well!) 
And I'm a....wait for it....ENTJ!
Except that my extrovert over introvert ratio was 1%. I thought I was fairly balanced in that department but 1%?!? That's ridiculous. I feel like I can't be a cool introvert or a confident extrovert. I'm a boring balance. I read both descriptions for ENTJ and INTJ and feel fairly close to both so who knows. My Intuition over Sensing as well as Thinking over Feeling ratios were both 12% according to this test. But all tests point to the fact that I'm a big ol' judger. And I guess judgers goin to judge.


I haven't done a Meyers-Briggs test since college and I'm sure that I scored a much higher degree of extroversion then than now. I think that this can be attributed to maturity to a degree, and marriage, and motherhood.
I married an big introvert and I think that's rubbed off on me. I know my extroversion has rubbed off on him as he is much more extroverted now than when we married. I wonder if of studies have been done to compare how marriage effects personality, because it does.
And I think motherhood has made me more introverted. Mostly because I had so many babies so quickly that when I get a moment to myself I want it to be a quiet one. I feel drained by the time I can get a second and usually don't even have the energy to call a friend on the phone. Some days I'm just dying for my kids to stop asking me questions and talking to me. So. Much. Talking. If anything, I need to make myself go out more these days. But I also think that being an introvert can be a bit more suitable to being a stay at home mom. It makes finding your own interests in the home easier I think. This is a big topic I could go on about for a while I think.


And with all the lovely talk about G.K.'s possible canonization I thought I'd post this prayer card for anyone so inclined. I hope it works miracles soon! 

Ok, I'm off to nap and ignore laundry. I hope this is the last weekend where I feel sick for a while!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"Postcards from The Edge of Sick-Land"...or "Love In The Time of Ear Infections"?

As a warning this may seem slightly in-cohesive and babbly, whiney and dramatic. I hold lack of sleep, cold medication, and my own craziness responsible. Read at your own risk. And there are no pictures because I'm hoping that my memory will completely erase how sucky the past couple days have been. Mmmthanks.

What day is it? Still 2013?...are you sure...because it feels like we've been sick for YEARS! Unfortunately the last two weeks have been a big blur of caring for sick children or being sick myself that there no real difference between day or night, Sunday or Wednesday. Its all grey people...its all...grey.

Remember I whined last week that my kids had been sick for over a week? Well, when the first kid made a recovery back to normal after a small eternity of 5 days, I thought we'd just tough it out and we'd all get better. But around and around the sickness carousel we continued to go. And with five kids its a hellova long ride.

Luke's coughing. Now he's better. Gemma's got a fever. Dom's coughing. Luke's absolutely miserable. Dom's better. Gemma's coughing. Gemma's better. Nora's sick. Cue holding a sick and grumpy infant all day and night. Everyone's coughing. Up all night. Everyone's got a fever. Everyone's sorta better?

Friday the husband comes home early sick, fevery, aching. But the kids seem better? Oh wait colossal Luke meltdown again.

Then I got all crazy and decided to go to the local small town parade with the three oldest on Saturday morning, my first time out of the house in a week!

I got home and had a total relapse of the plague I thought I was done with a week before! Perfect. I couldn't even get out of bed to go to Mass.

Sunday-we must be improving right?? Gemma can barely talk. Dom is better? Luke has a fever still. By the end of the day I can hardly stand upright and Gemma's eyes are swollen and oozing something green.

That's it. I give up. Everyone to the doctor!

Usually I'm that woman who is totally anti-antibiotics. You know, tough it out kid have a vitamin C. And honestly I think only one of my kids has ever been on antibiotics before - once. I'm not really sure what to credit this to...but I think its mostly due to never leaving the house and having few friends.

But Monday morning I JUST WANTED ALL THE DRUGS!! Seriously, I'd bathe my children in antibiotics at this point. The communal misery is too great! I can't remember what sleep is!

Taking care of a sick infant AND sick toddlers is almost impossible. Taking care of a sick infant is a 24 job that requires all your attention. Taking care of sick toddlers requires all your patience, kindness, compassion, empathy, saintly-ness, supernatural graces, alcohol, you have. But doing both? Not cool. Even when I had my mom and husband to help. I was crying almost on an hourly basis. This is no deadly disease, I know. Its nothing compared to what really sick children and their parents go through, but I was a weepy mess lost in the pits of despair with no hope of recovery.

Did I mention Monday was a stat holiday?

I hate being one of those people who suck up public health care dollars aplenty by utilizing the emergency room unnecessarily, but I was literally at the end of my rope. So yes emergency room nurse, it was an emergency. You try taking care of 5 sick kids for days on end with no sleep and then we'll talk about what qualifies as an emergency shall we?! 12 hours shifts....puh-leeezze. Also; do you know how much work it is to pack up kids to take them to the doctor? Or how convenient it was that my husband was home to help me take them? So yes, every one of my kids was going to see the doctor that trip, and myself, and my husband. Yes, nurse who did the paperwork...we must be the biggest family you've ever seen...really?? I only have 5! And do I always sorta laugh when they ask me if I gave birth to all of them?...sorta...I mean some days I don't believe it either. And no, no twins...but in retrospect that 2 for 1 pregnancy idea would have been super handy.

As an aside our super small town hospital emergency room is hardly ever busy, so we didn't have to way, and there was no one with a broken limb stuck in line behind us or anything. We were practically giving them something to do on their holiday shift!

So everyone happily got diagnosed with some sort of infection. Luke, a really bad ear infection. Dom, a slight ear infection. Max, an eye infection. Gemma, chest infection. I, with strep throat! Nora checked out fine which made me feel better because I was worried she'd go downhill like the kids did on the weekend, she's got a small cough, runny nose, but the fever is gone even though she still is acting pretty sick. She never leaves my arms or the swing and the humidifier.

I was relieved everyone was sick enough to warrant prescriptions so the nurse and her looks at me as though I was being a crazy, hypochondriacal, tax-dollar-wasting, helicopter, mom were not justified. I was happy that something could cure us and possibly end the years of suffering. Its Wednesday now. The kids are mostly better, last night no one woke up in a coughing fit! Nora only woke up twice! I went to bed at 9, have been taking giant doses of penicillin and am almost starting to feel better. At this rate normal life might happen within a week or two!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol 53

Coming at ya from the land of eucalyptus oil and Vick's rub, but you needed a break from all the cool blogs with their vacations and their glamour right??

Joining Jen, my Ikea hero, for quick takes!


Seriously. This week. Not cool. 
We've all been sick now, forever. Oh, its only been a week and a half?!?! How can that be?!? I swear its been a good year or two. We don't usually get colds this bad but for some reason this one just hangs on with its fever-y grip and brings more and more coughing and less and less sleep at night. I was hoping Nora would avoid it with her breastfed super-immunity but no, she's been feverish for a day or so and that scares me the most, little babies and fevers aren't good. But I think its going down this morning, so upswing??


Why is there not a rule, like the law of gravity, that once you have more than two children all children have to be sick all at once and for the same period of time?? The first kid got sick over a week and a half ago, the last kid two days ago. I need more coordination. If everyone was sick at the same time I'd just not have slept for a couple days instead of a whole week!


I'm the worst mom of sick children. I just want to whine and whine and whine about it. I just want it to be over. I just want normalcy/peak efficiency back. 
I hate seeing my kids sick, and I always worry about little colds as if they've caught the plague, but all the extra whines and needs times 5 and I'm exhausted and spent and exhausted again!


Thank goodness my mom was able to take the big kids yesterday when all Nora wanted was to be held! I had not much sleep the night before and snuck in a quick nap, then planned on surviving until the husband got home from work once the kids got home so he could feed everyone dinner, but he had to work late. He never works late. So the digging was deep and the regrets of not living within delivery distance from anywhere were great! 


Sitting around doing nothing but hold a sick baby yesterday afforded the bygone experience of watching a movie in the afternoon! How had I never seen Fever Pitch? It turned out to be so much cuter than I expected and I liked it a lot. Maybe in part because I'm Jimmy Fallon's biggest fan, even though he's much better at late night tv than acting, and holy 2003 had some really dark make-up, poor Drew Barrymore. 


To top of the horribleness of the week-of-sickness-that-would-never-end I had to cancel on my dear friend and her family coming up for a visit this weekend. Killing me I tell you! So sad because I never see her and live way too far away. Everyone cross your fingers that we'll be able to get together before the summer's out!!


Best news of the crummy week - G.K.'S PROPOSED CAUSE FOR CANONIZATION

Such a happy idea! I can only imagine what miracles Gilbert would preform...helping someone finish a book? Defending the faith in the public square? Helping the less attentive find the correct train?? Or maybe interceding for an couple struggling with infertility? I just like thinking about the possibilities! 

Ok, I've tortured you long enough. I wish you a germ-free, sleep-filled weekend...actually I wish that for myself...


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