Friday, February 14, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol. 79

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Why do I insist on being so nice to these children and give them their valentine chocolates when they wake up in the morning?! Why do I still torture myself like this?! 

They all ate every chocolate I gave them before breakfast and are now all acting like horrible little terrors. I can say that because this is all my fault. Completely avoidable. But noooo, I had to be festive.

Happy Valentine's to me.


Well, this week was mostly frigid and awful out, but I didn't completely loose my mind other than the fact that my hairstylist never calls me back, which does make me want to loose my mind! Hey lady, I have no other option than you because I live in the middle of no where -- for the love of all things good just CALL ME BACK within a week , mmkkay?? Is that so hard?? Getting my hair done is one of the only things I've got to look forward to doing for myself in the foreseeable. Have mercy!!  Have mercy on me hairstylist!!!


Pheww. I bet that last sliver of sanity that I thought I had doesn't look too big to you right now does it?

This week I could not go to the bathroom without all hell breaking loose. And I'm not just talking about going to the bathroom and the toddler empties your tupperware drawers or a bottle of your powder foundation or the 5 pound bag of sugar or something. Because I let that all happen on an hourly basis and think it's no big deal. Because it isn't. So watch your Facebook statuses peeps!

Oh no, I mean I had 4 children become wild banshies in the mere moments it took me to go to the bathroom. They were supposed to be practicing their printing on their whiteboards, the younger boys were reading books quietly on the other side of the house, the baby was sleeping. I stole away for under two minutes only to be rudely interrupted by what can only be compared to a prison riot. Everyone screaming. Papers flying. It felt as if crowds were running for their lives but it was probably only two boys. So much noise. Baby awoken. Messes made. Probably some injuries. And that happened like three times yesterday. 

Homeschool win.


I'm getting all fancy and baking my favourite chocolate cake today. Baking feels like a luxury, I just never seem to have time to pull it together and bake. Which is sad because I like it. I sometimes bake with the kids, like cookies the other day, but I don't have to tell you that it kinda ruins whatever enjoyment you used to have from the baking itself. Then if I get two minutes while the kids are sleeping, baking just doesn't seem as appealing as say, having a shower, reading my blogs, writing a blog, eating chocolate...

I don't even want to hear the words "date night". I'm too far gone from any remembrance of what those are that the mere utterance of the phrase makes me break out in hives. So I'm going to stop talking and hope that if you're are going out with your husband tonight to have a wonderful meal together, maybe some silence, maybe a film, then do enjoy it on my behalf! We'll be home eating cake. And I plan on putting a bottle of champagne in the snowbank on my deck. So -- romance!


I've been thinking all week about how it's been a year already since Pope Benedict's resignation. It seems absolutely bizarre to think that so much could have happened in a year and yet a year is not long enough to fully understand what a monumental decision it was for the Church. 

I just wonder what Pope Emeritus Benedict thinks of it all. And of the Church and of the world. Wouldn't that be interesting to just know all he knows?? I have a very un-theologically sound idea that Popes have a special hotline with God which allows them to know more than most anyone else. I guess that borders on the gift of prophecy, but I just firmly believe they have a much great conception of how the world really works on a spiritual level. 


Luke said earlier this week when I gave him a specially decorated store-bought Valentine heart cookie - "Oh, look! Jesus' heart is all better!" You know you have a Catholic kid when... Apparently he really has a devotion to the Sacred Heart I was unaware of.

And in other child news Max, my stubborn verbalist, has decided "bad" is a word he's alright with saying. A lot. He especially enjoys yelling it at the top of his lungs when I stop him doing something, anywhere we may be. It's such an adorable trait.

Gemma's been singing Disney songs all week but with completely mixed up lyrics. This drives my very conscientious and particular Dom bonkers and endless fights ensue about the correct words to Part of My World. It's a joy. I'm actually really tempted to video the whole thing because one day I'll laugh about it. Won't I?


The best news of the week of course is that I officially have a ticket to Edel
I am trying to keep my enthusiasm in check, because it feels way too good to be true, and way too fun for me to actually be attending! Honestly, if you asked me what a dream event would be this would be it. And I'm just so excited that there's a fancy hotel involved I can't even tell you. There are few things in life I enjoy more than a great hotel, and a great hotel on a child free weekend! I love that I'm going to be meeting so many wonderful people I've been talking to online for years, and be in the presence of my blog idols! I am already practicing not saying stupid stuff. 

Ok, back to keeping my enthusiasm in check.

Hope you all have a wonderful, romantic weekend! Its a long weekend up here, so things should be golden and warm and full of chocolate! 

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  1. While I know it isn't funny to you, this post had me almost crying I was laughing so hard. Sorry for the craziness!

  2. I'm with Britt, these had me laughing only because I can relate to getting near the crazy line, And I only have two! Thank you for a good laugh and for making me feel more sane than I probably am. Also, so excited you're going to the Edel Gathering! So exciting! You would be one of my blog celebrities if I were able to make it this year! :)

  3. Prison riots? While going to the washroom? You earned your spot at the edel conference, my friend!

    Be sure to post about it so we can live vicariously through you. (It happens the day of my 30th so you can imagine how tempted I was to go!)

  4. John Paul and Cecilia were convinced for a while that every red heart was Jesus' sacred heart. Especially the heart ornaments on our Christmas tree. I love how my kids are more Catholic than I EVER was at their age...


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