Sunday, July 28, 2013

What I Wore Sunday to Miss Mass

Joining the great ladies of Fine Linen and Purple with fashion documentation in What I Wore Sunday.

You know how this link-up is supposed to show what you wore to Mass? Well, this is what I would have worn to Mass had there been Mass at the Church we drove 45 minutes to get to.

Oh yes, it was one of those mornings.

Because we were in the city yesterday and had a party with the husband's family we missed our regular Mass in our town. We only have one Mass and its a 5 pm vigil Mass on Saturdays. So we planned on attending a 12:30 Sunday morning Mass at a small parish that our priest also serves about 45 minutes away.

I woke up still feeling sick, all the kids are varying degrees of snotty/coughing/miserable/not-pleasant/really tired from a day of playing with a the cousins and getting to bed way too late. But we got everyone dressed up anyway. I threw something on and we left in time to make it on time!

Only to drive into an empty parking lot.

For some reason our weird rural parishes don't have any forms of communication, or websites, social media, or word of mouth. So we were totally out of the know as to there being no Mass at this parish today. But when you put all your eggs in a 12:30 pm Mass, you've no chance of another Mass within two hours of driving. No Sunday Mass for us.

So we took the kids to a park in an abandoned school. It was a pretty great park and they were pumped.  The overgrown playground and ghost town surrounding us gave me the sense of impending zombie attack.


From these pictures you can tell it was a cold, wet, summer day.

I think I wear light sweaters more than anything, thanks a lot Canada. These pictures, as usual, leave a lot to be desired. The navy skirt is eyelet and I love that it goes with everything. And the mint green is always easy to wear!

My usual snarky response to critiques from the photographer.

We're now having an indoor "popcorn party" instead of the campfire/smores that we've been promising all weekend. One day it'll be hot right?!

Thanks for putting up with me for 7 days straight. I'm not sure if I've learned anything. I'm fully aware that my blogging would be better if I had more time to write more coherent thoughts. I don't feel as if I don't have anything to say, but I do question whether or not its remotely interesting on a daily basis! I'm also more than aware I have no time to spare these days, so I'm thankful I have you dear readers. And I'm a little amazed I made the whole 7!


  1. Best. week. ever. Cheers to you, Christy!

  2. I love the mint + navy combo! The popcorn party sounds fun. :)

  3. I agree with everything Francine said, and I love the cut of the skirt. It's super cute.


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