Tuesday, July 23, 2013

If My Needs Come Last Then I'd Rather Just Eat Potato Chips

You know what I suck at? And really, really, really dislike?? Taking care of my health and eating habits.

Why does it feel like such a chore? Why so torturous? Why does it seem I spend the majority of my time feeding my children yet can't muster up anything for myself until about 2:30 in the afternoon with a scoop of peanut butter?  Why? Whhhyyy I ask you!!??

And I'm not going to blame it on kids-completely! Because I find it so irritating when people claim they can't shower, or put on clothes other than sweat pants because they have kids. I've got 5 of em, and I'll shower whenever I want to dammit! So I do realize this is part my laziness and self discipline problem, and part my own not making this all a bigger priority. But I'm going to whine anyway!

If you're reading this and you don't as of yet have offspring, feel free to roll your eyes.

But really, isn't it a drag having to make your own lunch after making lunch for four picky toddlers, then spending another half hour nursing the baby??

Am I blowing this out of proportion? Don't answer that.

I sometimes feel like its a waste of my precious time. You know those precious moments when no one is asking you for something? Or no one has a diaper that needs to be changed? Or no one needs to be cleaned, kissed, thrown in the corner? These are precious moments!! I don't want to spend them assembling some gluten-free, tasteless pile of mushy protein!

I want to spend those precious moments staring off into space. Or reading a blog. Or reading a book. Or ignoring the growing mound of dirty laundry. In other words if I'm not meeting someone's need I just want a break from all needs-including mine!

The problem is I'm going to have to make some really annoying diet changes in order to try and crack the code to my NFP/crazy body problems. Its going to put an end to my breakfasts of only carbs, and my lunches of only potato chips. I'm not quite that bad...but fairly bad...

I'm also the worst about feeling guilty about making doctors appointments for myself. Yesterday I just had to run into town to go to a quick doctors appointment for a really annoying ailment that's been bothering me for weeks. But I simultaneously felt guilty for having to have my sister watch the kids, and frustrated that a stupid doctors appointment ate up my only child-free moments of the entire day.

I don't know why this feeling comes up especially with doctors appointments. I think its because I view myself as a fairly healthy person who doesn't need to waste my time or public health dollars unless I'm on death's door or need an amputation.

Let's hope I move in the direction of improvement...even slight improvement...

And let's hope that this is the only instalment of complaining for the duration of the epic 7 days of posting!


  1. Ohmygoodness! Yes! Yes yes yes! I have said to Ted at least a hundred times, "I wish I didn't have to eat!!!!!" It's such a drag. You are not blowing this out of proportion. You have only tipped the iceberg!

  2. I agree! Also, can I add something to that complaint!? Why is it that I can never SIT DOWN when I am eating?? I rush around giving them breakfast, lunch, snacks, etc...chomping as I go. Waiting to eat off their plates when they are done (as I'm doing the dishes) so as not to waste FOOD!!

    Occasionally I'll just eat the leftovers from the night before's dinner...and make them pbj's. Everyone's happy that way ;)

  3. Preach it sister! Esp. the bit about others complaining about not getting dressed because they have kids. I have four under five and I get dressed every.damn.day. (and shower when I want to!) I will say the food thing is really hard for me too, for all the reasons you describe except for the gluten thing, for me it is allergies and gastroparesis, so my options are limited, boring, and I just can't face the fridge a lot of days. So pretzels for lunch? Yes ma'm. (Although I've been eating a lot of cottage cheese with canned peaches on top lately--don't judge--and it does have a lot of protein, so I guess that is something...) I need a personal chef.

  4. I just have one toddler and one on the way and my preferred lunch is already chips, a cheese stick, and an apple. Maybe some ice cream straight from the container...

  5. I'm totally with you on the not making food a priority. I have precious few minutes to do things for myself in the day and I'm certainly not going to waste them futsing around on food for myself. I just don't care about food.

    But I will say that I just have a go-to list of a few breakfast and lunch things I can get quickly and easily and eat one-handed if I have a newborn. Things that I like to eat, but that are healthy enough that I don't feel guilty (or sluggish) for eating them often. For me it's usually: peanut butter on a rice cake, cottage cheese with jelly, apple and cheese, or a jalapeƱo cheese bagel. That's really all the variety I need.

    And if I make sure to get one of those things in myself at or near a normal mealtime (and standing while eating doesn't bother me) then I won't be driven to chip-eating later.


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