Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Five Favourites of Summertime

Joining Hallie with some really unoriginal favs-you're welcome!


Four day weekends

The husband just had a four day weekend because his regularly scheduled Friday off landed before the Canada Day Monday off. Four day weekends feel like a vacation for me! Do we go anywhere other than Mass? No, not really. But just having someone to spell me off of the constant diapering, feeding, dealing with whining, entertaining, disciplining etc of five bambinos is a vacay!

Except the four day weekend hangover...because its hitting me hard....reaaall hard. Anyone got any spare patience? Because its 9 am and I'm all out.


Thunder storms

Sometimes I think that on my deathbed what I would think about missing most about this life, other than the people I love of course, would be the things that are common yet wonderful. Like thunderstorms. They're exciting and beautiful and always unique. They sort of scare me, yet I like how the encompass everything around me. They're a paradox of enjoyment.



I don't love beer other than in the summer on hot days! Sure, I'll drink it because I don't think I've ever met an alcohol I didn't like...well...that's not completely alcohol I didn't DRINK. Usually I like a good glass of red wine in the evening (or by 4 in the afternoon) because I like a larger alcohol to calorie ratio but in the summer a cold beer tastes like heaven! We've been drinking these...because they're pretty good!



Partly because my husband likes to do it and I get a meal half off (he only does meat!), and partly because theres no dishes! And partly because I think steak is one of my favourite things anytime. I think I need to further document his bbq-ing skills one of these days. Don't you wish you'd remember to take photos of this important stuff more?


 Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl

I'm really loving this book! I have a thing about food nonfiction - I love it! Basically food nonfiction and biographies of European Royals are my reading kryptonite. I don't want this book to end and I think Ruth Reichl had the best job ever.

Thanks to Anne for the great book recommendations as per usual! (Here's my summer book list if you're looking for more too!)

And I'm linking up with the great Jessica of Housewifespice because a book linkup is the greatest idea I've heard of this week! Yay! 


  1. I'm definitely going to check out your book recommendations. I think I may have similar taste.

  2. My husband only reads food nonfiction too. I wrote about all of his faves here: Nothing says sexy like cooking over live coals. Love me some barbecue too!


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