Thursday, July 25, 2013


Squeezing in under the wire to keep the longest streak of my blogging career alive!

Prodigious and the Pioneer Woman I am not!

And joining Like Mother, Like Daughter in an effort to chronicle domestic beauty. Its been a pretty standard week, and I always feel like I've exercised double the gratitude per week when I join in this link-up!


Guys, this is the largest geranium I've ever had! Its also the longest I've ever kept one alive.
I don't know if you know this...but its kinda a big deal! 

I love the leaves of this plant. The strange colour combo is so pretty and interesting. Obviously, the flower colour is one of my favourite colours ever. I'm pretty sure I need to name this plant. It deserves it after surviving me this long.


I bought five pounds on Monday and was only able to freeze a couple small bags because someone named Luke can eat his body weight in blueberries every day.


This is the kids playing "computers" that they developed themselves.
I'm pretty sure Anthony Esolen would have my head. Isn't this exactly the opposite of trying to raise children with imaginations?!? They're effectively playing "cubicle". 
Parenting fail.


Oh, you didn't know I'm president of the Swaddling club? Oh...I am...I am. 
Seriously though. Swaddling. Is. Awesome. I can't emphasis how strongly I feel about it. I could be a swaddling lobbyist. Ask some of my friends who have recently had babies and they can attest. Swaddling a baby is wonderful. I want to swaddle all my children until at least the age of 16. 

Plus, swaddled babies make my heart simultaneously melt and swell. 

Nora isn't such a big fan. Weird.


  1. "Cubicles" made me laugh out loud!

    And ohhhh blueberries - we picked 10 lbs and froze... zero! They're just so delicious fresh, I don't even like to bake with them or do anything except pop them in my mouth by the handful! Plus they're so cheap & easy to buy frozen already, so I don't feel too badly about it :P

  2. Whilst I'm a fan of swaddling too, let's start with "putting some socks on those babies as you walk through the air-conditioned shops, they're cold darn it!"

  3. Baby burrito! I love swaddling. My little man is now too fat to stay swaddled in his littler blankets, but he still needs it. It is like a hug that calms him down and makes him invite the impending sleep. Your little babe is a cutie. I'm baby obsessed and now want to squeeze that little one. Those bright eyes!

    Also, cubicle looks awesome. I would've played it. It's creative and funny.

  4. Not parenting fail! lol! They are playing (may I be bold?!) mommy!!! ??? Well if my two year old plays computers she fo' sho' learned it from moi!
    Swaddling is precious! For some reason both of my children revolt about two months old...and then I read Brining Up Bebe (have you read it? would love to know your thoughts on it) and I think the anti-swaddling is really just me not being in-tune with my baby needing a sleep schedule!
    The geranium is so pretty! I love how Jesus pairs complementary colors in nature. Sigh. In high school I was that NERD kid that went on vacation and came back with pictures of....can you guess?!...plants!!! My brothers are still so embarrassed. I just love me some foliage!

  5. I have to laugh at your kiddos and the book computers! My kids make little marker-drawn laptops out of cardboard boxes from the grocery store and even cardboard Iphones too. I say let them go wild with their imaginations (even if it is imagined technology). Better than the real thing, I think!

  6. We love Tails! Everyone at my house can recite it by heart.

    I can keep no plants alive. Ever.

  7. They are effectively playing cubicle -- LOL! Too funny!
    Your baby is so beautiful. I too love a bundle of baby. So sweet! I love a baby gently motoring around with legs and arms free during a diaper change -- the look of wonder as they feel the breezes on a strangely different piece of their body :) And then getting them all tucked into their little pod. The best.


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