Friday, July 12, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol 50

Joining everyone at Conversion Diary with the Quick Takes!

I think this is officially habitual...

I am so happy for Jen and the finishing of her book! I hope she had multiple celebratory beverages!


These are going to be uber quick because I have a day long date with costco. You think I'm joking but I haven't done a big grocery shop in months and its going to take a while and I'll fill my whole suburban mark my words!


Today officially begins my husband's full week off!! Yay! Streamers! Balloons! Confetti! 
Are we going anywhere for vacation you ask? We have five kids we're not looking for further work and strife thank you very much. But it will be a nice relaxing-ish week for both of us...hopefully...


I believe there's a worldwide conspiracy keeping me from getting a haircut. I haven't had one since January and my hair is driving me crazy. Between my complete inability to get to the city and have baby-free time to get on, the hairdresser in our small town NEVER calling me back (Have I been blacklisted or something?) and this summer being the most humid in Alberta history I basically am the ponytail queen. Its a sad state of affairs my friends.


If and when this magical haircut happens I want it to look like this:

And I'll take that whole outfit please! I've got my own cute baby so I'm good there.


I still haven't finished Lumen Fidei yet. Worst Catholic ever award. 
If you haven't heard the hubbub over Brandon Vogt's attempt to make the encyclical downloadable only to be thwarted by stick-in-the-mud bureaucrats within the Vatican and USCCB then please go check out his website and sign the petition/comments to try and get this rectified. I know its complicated and a lot is involved, but in this era of technology and the New Evangelization can't we at least try and get it out to people in any and every form?? Its ridiculous that this is holding up the Pope's teachings being spread to anyone who wants to read! 


We're done painting the basement, minus the boy's floor, and I really want to put photos up because I think it looks smashing but I've been a harried mess of not having time to take one photo down there this week. I was avoiding the basement in hopes the laundry would just disappear, but to no avail. 
But soon! 


The kids have had a fun week of outside time, Grandma time, new kittens, and tomorrow cousins! I think this all means that I had a pretty good week too. I mean there certainly wasn't any haircutting going on, and more humidity than I can usually take in this sub-arid land, but overall pretty good! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Brandon Vogt campaign. I just shared it on Facebook.

    THIS is the new evangelization we keep hearing about. Let's make it happen!

  2. Ugh, haircuts. I need one desperately too. I honestly can't remember when the last one was but I have been in a ponytail for.ever. I braided my hair to head out to the lake the other day and Andrew gasped and exclaimed, " MOM! Your hair is BEAUTIFUL like that!" Oh son...

  3. last official professional one was 7th grade! I'm in my mid-twenties now. Crazy. How do I manage? Curly hair is so forgiving! The book Curly Girl totally helped me out too.


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