Monday, July 1, 2013

Cravings? What Cravings?

What cravings did I have in pregnancy, you ask? (Or more specifically Katrina!)

At this point I've been pregnant more in the last six years than not so the lines have blurred substantially in what can actually be classified as a "craving" or just whatever the hell I'm going to eat right now. Ask my husband and he'll say that more often than not I use the pregnancy craving excuse as one of "crutches" to eat junk food or chocolate after 10 pm. But tomatoes-toMAHtoes.

Usually though my pregnancies are not so much TRI-mesters but SE-mesters in the eating department.

First Semester: Food is dead to me. Especially healthy food. I can only tolerate that which is made of at least 30% preservatives. I remember with Gemma after the first five months of constant nausea that I could only keep down ramen noodles. Lets not talk about all the issues this must have caused her.

Also, I can only drink things that are "sparkling". And don't think I can have them referred to as simply "carbonated" they must be "sparkling". It adds so much more class and drama to my weird urges to only drink sparkling water. I bought cases of Perrier for the first trimesters, but the San Pellegrino Lemon flavour is THE best pregnancy drink in the world. I highly recommend it!

Being turned off of coffee in early pregnancy is both my major tip off I'm preggo and one of the biggest sacrifices. Dare I say bigger than giving up alcohol?

Once I can stand the sight of food though I go into bizarre soup mode. Only soup appeals to me. Pregnant during the summer? Soup. Blazing heat outside - but eating out? What's your soup of the day my good man!? Its weird, bizarre, but any and all soups all. the. time.

I should give a quick shout out to the Spicy Chicken sandwich from Wendy's. Because I can always go for that when pregnant,. But maybe that's just all time.

Go say hi to Katrina now and her cute Womb Service to see who's eating what!


  1. Once I could finally stomach food I craved super horrible-for-you food my 1st pregnancy - think fried green tomatoes and chicken tenders, but my 2nd pregnancy all I wanted was fresh spinach salads with goat cheeses and red onions.

    And I am totally with you in the sparkling water for the 1st trimester or until nausea goes away. It was a lifesaver for me. =)

  2. Every child of mine was different. My first I wanted steak and burgers, as raw as I could get them. But my second came, and meat was OUT!!!! I couldn't even cook it. I wanted fresh fruit and veggies and vinegar in everything! The third was the worst with the anti-meat campaign, but no real "cravings" with him. The last I wanted copious amounts of chocolate. And hamburgers again. Still.

  3. Ugh. For me it's less cravings and there anything I can eat that I won't vomit by just imagining it? And why oh why does fast food actually sound like something I can choke down? I never eat it in non-pregnant life but those Spicy Chicken Sandwiches from Wendy's.....I'm with you, girl.

    Haley @ Carrots

  4. Yes, I did ask! ;) Thank you for answering.

    Lady, you are hilarious. And now I want ramen...Gemma seems to be way, way more than fine so I think this little one will be okay.

  5. Yesssss San Pellegrino. Sour and sparkling.

  6. That is so funny---I have the same sorts of semesters. At first only processed foods or fast food (we ate a lot of processed foods growing up so I say I crave things I ate when I was little) and then soups. I can only tolerate "wet" foods- whatever that means.

  7. I totally crave fast food in the 1st trimester--semester when I had twins :). But for me, it's Chick fil A all the way.


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