Friday, July 19, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 51

Linking with the Great Takers!
Thanks to Jen as per, and I'm glad she's a bloggin' again!

And this week's takes come with the added bonus of completely random pictures-yay!

This is one of his favourite toys...who am I to judge?


Its swimming lessons week up in here! 
Its kinda nice living in a small, small, town and only having the option of local swimming lessons for one week per year. It feels like it does away with a lot of parental guilt that I'm not pushing my kids in more lessons more often. One week. Covered and done!


So my husband took the week off because he knew I'd just be unable to take the older kids to swimming lessons with the two babies. He's been sitting at the lake with the older kids for 4 hours everyday and not even complaining about it. The kids are in bliss. He's also admitted that staying home with these children is a lot more work than his work. Of course I knew that, but its good he knows it too.

Because a cute Dom picture makes everyday better.


I guess this week qualifies as a "stay-cation" for him. But we're not applying these kind of labels because it just feels disappointing. Staying home is a vacation? Staying home with our kids is a vacation? Yeah, lets not even try to fool ourselves people. 


Although two adults have been home all week we've been surprisingly unproductive. I honestly don't know where the time's gone. But at the same time isn't that the point of summer? To just live and not be productive? Not have to account for your time? We've played, cooked good food, hung out with family. That's the end game of summer am I right?


There are flies in my house that are driving me to distraction. Don't insects always seem to prove God's existence to you? How could these things come from nothing? They're so annoying they must have come from an absolutely staggering creative mind. 

She's a fairly serious baby, but her little smiles are pretty awesome.


I'm sure you're all dying to know that I'm finally getting my haircut this aft! Apparently the crazy hair dresser in town thought I was someone else and was trying to avoid said someone else. I'm not quite sure how this could happen, but it sorta makes me laugh. I'm not really sure if I should be trusting my hair to this person, but I'm desperate! How bad could it be? Famous last words.


I feel like I've read intelligent things this week but have no recollection of what they were. I haven't gotten much sleep this week and I think this is one of the fun by-products. And I think I may try Jen's blogging challenge next week. I can only imagine the inane things that I may be forced to write, but I've never had a lack of opinions just a lack of time in which to opine. So hang on to your seats peeps!

Also; still haven't written up the afternoon/evening section to my Morning Minutiae post. I don't know if I can do it. But I did write up a new "about" page - and when I say new I mean I've never written one for my blog before. And I don't know if this is the keeper. Let me know if its horrendous, ok? 

Thanks for plugging along with all this, I wish you all a weekend of much fun and few insects!


  1. I would have loved swimming lessons at the lake! We had swimming lessons 1x a year as well. Best.Memories.Ever.

  2. Hahahaha... lint roller! Too funny!

  3. How great you and your hubs could just enjoy the week and not try to be all home improvement gone wild, it really detracts from the relaxation.
    You've got flies. We've got ants. I should adopt your outlook on these creatures, but really I'm just looking into death and destruction right now.
    I saw your hair on Insta and you can obviously trust your hairdresser!
    I'm on the fence for blog challenge. Maybeeeeeee.....sometimes it causes me such anxiety....ack!!

  4. In our house, flies=rejoicing as two cats hunt and kill. They love it!


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