Friday, August 2, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol 53

Coming at ya from the land of eucalyptus oil and Vick's rub, but you needed a break from all the cool blogs with their vacations and their glamour right??

Joining Jen, my Ikea hero, for quick takes!


Seriously. This week. Not cool. 
We've all been sick now, forever. Oh, its only been a week and a half?!?! How can that be?!? I swear its been a good year or two. We don't usually get colds this bad but for some reason this one just hangs on with its fever-y grip and brings more and more coughing and less and less sleep at night. I was hoping Nora would avoid it with her breastfed super-immunity but no, she's been feverish for a day or so and that scares me the most, little babies and fevers aren't good. But I think its going down this morning, so upswing??


Why is there not a rule, like the law of gravity, that once you have more than two children all children have to be sick all at once and for the same period of time?? The first kid got sick over a week and a half ago, the last kid two days ago. I need more coordination. If everyone was sick at the same time I'd just not have slept for a couple days instead of a whole week!


I'm the worst mom of sick children. I just want to whine and whine and whine about it. I just want it to be over. I just want normalcy/peak efficiency back. 
I hate seeing my kids sick, and I always worry about little colds as if they've caught the plague, but all the extra whines and needs times 5 and I'm exhausted and spent and exhausted again!


Thank goodness my mom was able to take the big kids yesterday when all Nora wanted was to be held! I had not much sleep the night before and snuck in a quick nap, then planned on surviving until the husband got home from work once the kids got home so he could feed everyone dinner, but he had to work late. He never works late. So the digging was deep and the regrets of not living within delivery distance from anywhere were great! 


Sitting around doing nothing but hold a sick baby yesterday afforded the bygone experience of watching a movie in the afternoon! How had I never seen Fever Pitch? It turned out to be so much cuter than I expected and I liked it a lot. Maybe in part because I'm Jimmy Fallon's biggest fan, even though he's much better at late night tv than acting, and holy 2003 had some really dark make-up, poor Drew Barrymore. 


To top of the horribleness of the week-of-sickness-that-would-never-end I had to cancel on my dear friend and her family coming up for a visit this weekend. Killing me I tell you! So sad because I never see her and live way too far away. Everyone cross your fingers that we'll be able to get together before the summer's out!!


Best news of the crummy week - G.K.'S PROPOSED CAUSE FOR CANONIZATION

Such a happy idea! I can only imagine what miracles Gilbert would preform...helping someone finish a book? Defending the faith in the public square? Helping the less attentive find the correct train?? Or maybe interceding for an couple struggling with infertility? I just like thinking about the possibilities! 

Ok, I've tortured you long enough. I wish you a germ-free, sleep-filled weekend...actually I wish that for myself...


  1. Yup. Pretty much. Sickness brings out the best and worst in me. At the same time, usually, because I'm feeling terrible for the kids, so I'm more patient and kind with them when they feel bad, but I'm also frustrated because I'm tired from extra night wakings, I usually get it myself, and the misery just goes on and on. I reckoned the other day that we have about 10 non-sick days per month around here between two of my kids' respiratory junk, the odd stomach virus here and there, and everything else. Argh. Hope your brood gets feeling better soon!!

  2. Oh oh oh. My husband has generously pointed out to me that when he or the kids are sick it is bad bad bad momma bear that comes out. I think you hit all the reasoning. Congrats to G.K. Chesterton! Maybe he work a little miracle for you? :) And we will say a prayer for the summer gathering to happen soon!

  3. I was SO excited about GK. Definitely patron saint of public defense of faith. And deadlines.
    Hope you can kick back with a drink this weekend and relax!

  4. I will have to start hitting up Mr. Chesterton for some help in the book-finishing department. Sick kids stinks. So hard to be compassionate without enough sleep!

  5. I am so sorry that yall have been sick! My in-laws just got a string of sickness too and it's been awful! Prayers for you and yours as you recover!

    AND! Awesome news about G.K. I had not heard yet!

  6. Oooh a friend of mine works on Jimmy F's late night show =D Hope you all are feeling better!

  7. I also want to whine, whine when my boys are sick! I understand. :) Hope they get better quickly!


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