Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Five Favs + What We're Reading Wednesday

I'm a double linker today. Is this cool?

Hallie(Grace) or Jessica - feel free to send bouncers the size of the Pope's Fiat my way if this is no bueno!

1. This kid

Even though she's teething, going through that fun 4 month transition from newborn-who-can-sleep-anywhere to baby-who-doesn't-want-to-nap/only-wants-to-be-held-while-someone-looks-deeply-into-her-eyes, she's still my favourite. Favourite baby of mine under 1 year of age that is! I better qualify.

2. Sweet Revenge

If you're looking for a movie from a million years ago that has a quirky sense of British humour a la Death at a Funeral then Sweet Revenge is right up your alley. Its really worth watching just for Helena Bonham Carter's performance, because it. is. crazy. and hilarious. I really love her. 
Basically this movie is everything my husband hates in a movie...its strange we can be married with such divergent taste...or married when he doesn't like good movies...

3. Whipped Cream

It really is the little things. Seriously, when you're up a million times at night, feeling like you're coming down with a cold, have started to go cold turkey on all your beloved baked goods made of gluten, having some real whipped cream to put in your coffee can start to turn that frown upside-down. Thank goodness I'm good with dairy or I think I might go completely crazy. 

4. Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand

Ok, so this is what I've been reading the last week or so. I can't say its my favourite book ever, or even my favourite Elin Hilderbrand-Hi Summerland -but there is something about chick-lit that just makes it feel truly like summer. 

In this plot-driven, heavy on the realtionship descriptions version of Elin Hilderbrand's yearly novel, the lives of a family are explored over the course of the wedding weekend of their youngest daughter. Hildebrand uses the voices of various family members to tell the story, and thankfully none of them is the girl getting married. It's a good combination of romance, family drama, and a good story. Decent chick-lit. 


I've been slowly reading this gem for the past month or so and I'm about halfway through. Its a really great read and I find myself agreeing with him on every page! Its a beautiful examination at how our modern society is built to inhibit and crush the natural development our children's imaginations. He really emphasizes unsupervised play, independent study, and a fuelling a child's natural curiosity and doesn't go on giant diatribes against public school in particular if that's what you're afraid of. I especially enjoy his emphasis on the creative powers involved in keeping a home. I think this is great handbook on what our goals should be as parents raising children. 


  1. Adding Beautiful Day to my list, thanks.
    Love me some cute baby and real whipped cream!

  2. I can see why she's your favorite! :) Good to hear another recommendation for Summerland (yes I know this post wasn't *really* about that) because I just picked it up from the library and hate reading books that aren't good!

    and yes, thank the good Lord for real whipped cream!

  3. Totally agree that whipped cream makes going gluten free bearable!

  4. I'm so excited that you're reading Anthon Esolen. Damn girl, I wish we lived close by and and could have coffee (with whipped cream) and talk about this book.

    Also, I noticed you said the word "crush" in your Esolen review, as in, how we can crush our children's imagination... but the word leapt out at me as though you too had a brain crush on Anthony Esolen. Haha. You're much more mature than I.

  5. Oh! I really want to read the Imagination book. Sounds great.
    And your favorite under one year old bebe is so precious!!

  6. I just picked up Hilderbrand's book the other day, and am just kind of hum-ho about it. It's the first work of hers that I've every read, so maybe I didn't make the best intro. selection?? Might have to try another!


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