Monday, January 6, 2014

Because having kids gives you a sense of humour...

I'm guest posting at the wonderful Jenna's place today!

Jenna was sweet enough to let me attempt humour and life with a bunch of kids. I hope I was at least middlingly successful!

I have a party trick. It goes a little like this:
I’ll be having a casual conversation with a stranger. Maybe someone at a kid’s event, a cashier at Costco, a new hairdresser, those strangers you meet throughout your not too exciting day of running errands and the like who are friendly enough to strike up the conversation train. We’ll be chit-chatting about the weather, or the roads, or hockey, or Arcade Fire and then somehow get around to kids. Maybe they’re already a grandparent, or a new mom, or someone with older kids and I’ll mention that my girl/boy/baby/toddler did something similar or worse (usually worse) and how wonderful/horrifying/embarrassing/exhausting it was. We’ll share a little moment of kid bonding and sometimes they’ll say “Oh, so you have two kids then. The six year old and the six month old?” At which point I’ll drop the bomb – “Actually, I’ve got five kids.”
Go visit Call Her Happy to read the whole thing!

I'm sure you all read Call Her Happy already, because its such a great place for all things Catholic, and mom, and funny, and honest, but if you don't already do go over and read, read, read! In my mind my blog is a cool as hers, in reality not so much!

And to you all clicking over from Jenna's for the first time: Thanks for coming by and I hope you stay a while - its great to meet you!

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  1. Great post Christy! What a great witness:)
    thanks for sharing!

  2. Ahahahaha! I love that trick. I'm not as young as you are and I usually have all my kids with me, so it doesn't always have the same effect, but I really do love to surprise people by telling them I have four. I admit that I began this trick growing up. I have 10 siblings, so I got used to using that one. Matter of fact, I still do!


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