Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Freedom of Home :: Weekends with G.K.C

I've finally gotten around to joining Sarah for a link up of one of my favourite things -- G.K. Chesterton! 

This quote from G.K's book of essays The Thing is the quote the epitomizes his philosophy of the home. And really, if this epitomizes Chesterton's thought on the importance of the home, then it perfectly encapsulates his philosophy of, well, everything.

It's also a quote that is truer now than when he wrote it almost 100 years ago. 

G.K. goes on to talk about how the world is good at imposing it's will upon the individual as soon as we step out our door. Laws tell us what we have to adhere to, what we can buy, what we can eat. Jobs control how we speak, how we spend our time, even our uniform of what we wear. Society at large becomes massive, impersonal, and uncaring. All these evils are only counteracted in one place; the home. 

Home is where we can be blissfully and wonderfully unique, original, even weird. We can use our time as we will, pursuing the interests and passions that make us happiest, loving those whom we love the most. It is where true freedom is experienced and enjoyed. 

This truth is one that we acknowledge in the depths of our souls but it is also one that seems easy to forget. It can feel awfully hard to see freedom and liberty under piles of laundry, dirty dishes, meals to cook, children to love and clean. But I think it is in continuing to strive for the ideal that we'll become the happiest we can be especially in our vocation as stay at home moms.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. What a lovely post for a snowy blustery Sunday morning. This whole thing really resonated with me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is so true. The home should totally be a refuge and a place where we can totally be outselves. I've been working hard lately at making our home a restful, run place for our children and making our family being their refuge...their strongpoint. The place where they can be themselves and they are accepted and loved unconditionally.

  3. You win the "my favorite post to link-up to WWC yet!" award!!! I love this!

  4. I love this Christy. (And wow, that's high praise from Sarah!) my kids are in a Ministry of Silly Walks kick right now. It's pretty awesome.

  5. This is so beautifully put! Thanks for sharing this quote and your thoughts on it--I needed to hear this :)

  6. Thank you so much, I needed to read this today. I think this is why I love homeschooling so much. I love the freedom of being at home and living life according to our family's style.

  7. So, so true! I think of this quote when I see my next door neighbor drive off to daycare & work with her toddler at 6am.


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