Friday, January 10, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol 74

Joining dear Jen Fulwiler and the better Takers for a Friday fit of fun takes!


I'm still a joy to live with right now. Which means I'm probably not a joy to read about deep interesting things. But I'm working on it. Sometimes these funks need a couple days of feeling crummy, a couple bottles of wine, and a couple hours of mindless television. Or an attitude check. Or something! 

Anyway - I'm just going to talk about random randomness. Prepare yourselves!


I finally got around to reading the excellent article from First Things last month, The Catholic Writer Today, and it was a great summation of today's writing climate, not only for Catholic writers but literature in general. So many great points are made, and again, the emphasis that Catholicism as an important driving force in any arts community that enhances culture at large is made which is something I think we as Catholics tend to forget or ignore. 

I also read the excellent response to the article, Cultural Anorexia: Doubting the Decline of Faith in Fiction which I found myself agreeing with as well. I hope to read more of these contemporary Catholic authors works this year. I need to get out of my bubble of early twentieth century English writers from time to time. 


Let's talk about this for a moment shall we?

Prince Harry's beard is awesome. And I'm not one to just jump on the hipster/Duck Dynasty bandwagon of beards equalling instant coolness. No, no, no. Beards need to be pulled off with equal amounts of self-confidence and self-awareness of whether or not you're going to look greasy and dirty or ruggedly handsome. Clearly, Prince Harry has pulled it off.

But the Queen has told him to shave. Which is her prerogative really, because she's the queen. But it kinda feels a bit too democratic at the same time. I mean, if you're fourth in line for the crown you should be able to decide if you want a beard or not. You're not just "royal staff". You've got to have a few perks as a prince. 


I may have just got lost in the vortex of awesomeness that is the Vanity Fair website. If being a sucker for well written celebrity gossip is wrong, I don't want to be right!

I also just love how they write about Prince Harry's girlfriend's a little uncharitable, but oh so funny. And for the record I'm against that relationship purely because "Princess Cressida" sounds like a ridiculous Disney princess. If I was the Queen that would be what I'd be stomping on in Prince Harry's direction. 


So. Tv update!

Sherlock was awesome! We're watching the second episode tonight, and I don't want to spoil it for anyone, so I'll just say I loved everything about the first episode and would watch it again anytime. It made me so happy. 

Downton. That was a snooze fest of an episode, right? I suppose they have to build to dramatic climax, but it just felt as if it was an episode full of snippets of boring story lines. But, but, but!
Lord Grantham is on my last nerve! Seriously, Mary better put her foot down.
Lady Grantham, is riding my second-to-last nerve. They write her as such an airhead sometimes it becomes increasingly difficult to like her at all.
The best scene was Mary crying to Carson. We all need a butler like that.
Can we have a little variety in the downstairs?? I'm tired of evil ladies' maids, (which apparently is a job requirement so Anna must not be in the union), Thomas' scheming, and this ridiculous high-school stuff going on with the kitchen maids and these stupid footmen! 
Edith-we can see the train wreck a-comin!
And I still love the Dowager Countess and Mrs Hughes, and all the wardrobe, music, and set design!


My Christmas is never complete without a couple gifts of cookbooks. Do I cook that much from the gorgeous cookbooks I own? Of course, not. But they're gorgeous and I just love reading cookbooks! Just reading, looking at the pictures, imagining someone else cooking everything for me. It's a sad sort of escapism that I don't mind admitting to. 
But I have been thinking of maybe giving each cookbook a month to try out different recipes. Not every night or anything - heavens no! - but maybe a month where I try to be a bit more intentional about actually using my cookbooks instead of giving up in despair about what to make for dinner. Although this is sounding really close to something like a New Year's Resolution which I pretty much am allergic to, so we'll see what happens.


Well, today its going be a balmy -4 C here today. I'm going to force myself to go outside and "enjoy" the weather. I've been awful about getting out lately, just even to go out for a five minutes walk and I know it'll make me feel loads better to force myself out for a little while. And I can't use the excuse that I may freeze to death. So things are looking up around here! 

Hope you all have a less Polar Vortex kinda weekend! And go Colts!

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  1. Christy, I'm trying to rein myself in from commenting on every single take, so I'll try!
    -Prince Harry's beard is awesome and is the power of the monarchy so depleted that nitpicking about facial hair is all that's left?
    -Sherlock isn't airing online until the 19th or 20th and I cannot WAIT.
    -Lord & Lady Grantham annoyed me so incredibly much! He is so set in his ways, and has she ever heard of a reliable source when it comes to gossip? I love how she doesn't seem to question anything anyone tells her. Ugh.
    -AND I agree about Thomas' scheming, evil maids, and the never-ending immaturity downstairs getting old. Hopefully the next episode will pick up a bit!

  2. You crack me up, I love your sense of humor and honesty. Not to mention your taste, what a treat it is to stop by! Good luck in the vortex! From your new friend down south :)

  3. I have to read all Downton updates with one eye half closed because I'm a whole season behind. :) And I have to say that I don't follow the royals, but Harry looks better with the beard than without. And you're TOTALLY right about the Disney princess thing! :)

    I've opened up both those articles @ Catholics & writing for later perusal. Thanks for sharing! They sound like they are exactly the sort of thing I puzzle over and struggle with in writing all the time.

  4. You're the second person now to recommend that article in First Things. The author, Dana Goia, was the commencement speaker at my brother's college graduation, and my family and I were all impressed. . . . I must admit, tho, it was the Harry pic that first led me to click over to your blog post. What is it about those royals?

  5. I totally agree about Downton. The first two seasons were so great and so creative. I really hope they've got something up their sleeves for us. But I did not love how this season started. Seriously, Carson puts his foot down and says we MUST hire the home wrecking ladies maid there's just NO OTHER WAY! Come on. How dumb do they think we are? Lady Grantham dumb? Well, we're not.

  6. Ah! You're so funny!

    I _want_ to read that article at First Things, but I'm afraid to because it might start me into a writing fit--which is not the same thing as writing, it's more like I wallow around feeling frustrated that I can't write and ohmytimeisrunningout! when-am-I-ever-going-to-write-my-great-classic-if-I-even-can-write-that-well. But, I exaggerate! c; I will read it, I think.

    Oh, royalty. I do not understand you. But you sure are interesting. And can we lift the ban on them not marrying Catholics already because I have an extremely eligible younger sister!

    Second Sherlock on tonight? To the Youtube, Batman!


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