Friday, January 24, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol. 76

I'm going to make myself another pot of coffee and come up with seven things magically, just like Jen!


This week has blown by in a haze of semi-exahusted stupor. I know, I say this every week don't I? But seriously, peeps just are not sleeping around here! I honestly can't remember what more than three hours sleep at a time feels like. Pure bliss? Heaven? I think I may be getting closer and closer to going completely bonkers. I was in Costco yesterday, and I'd noticed a nice lady in her 40's looking at something in the aisle. She looked so put-together, shopping at a leisurely non-stressed out about who's left at Grandma's house pace, and so darn awake. I wanted to run up to her. Hug her. Then start shaking her violently saying loudly, "You had more than 4 straight hours of sleep last night!! Do you know how lucky you are?!?!" Don't worry. I just went turned and went down the canned soup aisle.


I was down and out and sick again last weekend into Monday. This month just keeps hammering at me. But my mom had wonderfully taken the older kids and left Nora and I at home so I could sleep when she slept. I spent the afternoon reading Pride and Prejudice for the Motherhood and Jane Austen book club and watching Parenthood and sort of napping. (Does anyone else have this horrible affliction of not being able to fall asleep when you're actually given quiet, peaceful time to do so?? The. Worst!) But what I was getting around to saying was this; I'm having such a nice time reading Pride and Prejudice slowly this go around. Usually when I reread Pride and Prejudice its in a burst of Jane Austen fury and I read it cover to cover in a weekend or road trip. It's been awhile since I've leisurely read it over time. I've been reading a couple chapters every afternoon as a form of break, really, the best kind of break, and it's been so nice. 


Jenny's doing such a nice job trying to document the difficulties and joys of a mom trying to make herself priority, and I'm going to recommend leisurely reading Jane Austen. It's the only thing I do well in that department so far. I physically cannot get awake before the kids, and I've been having a difficult time transitioning to having children awake so much of the day and homeschooling. That public babysitting, er, I mean public school is so darn tempting when I think about having a quiet half hour. I'm also having the worst time figuring out having people watch my kids while not simultaneously feeling guilty/thinking my children are killing my parents. Basically, I feel like I've got a lot of issues in that department that I'm doing terribly at dealing with. Full confession. Done.

Moving on.


You know I love me my mystery novels. Love. Probably my favourite literary genre and I'm deeply devoted to Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers, but I did come across this link to a great list of classic mystery novels everyone should read. I've read a good chunk of them and can vouch for their essential-ness, but there were a lot I've never heard of, so that always exciting to find! I'd have put more Ngaio Marsh, Margery Allingham, to the list and I also feel The Man Who Was Thursday is a classic in the mystery genre even if it isn't solely a mystery novel. G.K. he's so tricky!


How do we feel about matte nail polish? I asked this on Instagram last night. I just tried it yesterday and I'm not sure how I feel. It feels a little weird. For some reason I feel as if one of nail polish's most important purposes is making my nails pretty and shiny. So I'm going to try it out and see if I come around. I'll let you know, because clearly this is an important and pressing issue.


Oh, I didn't want to forget this and I almost did!

If you often have NFP frustrations, issues, difficulties, or serious problems OR suffer with infertility I'd definitely encourage you to begin praying to Drs. John and Evelyn Brown whose Cause for Beatification has just begun. I think we need a ton of saints in heaven to complain pray to when it comes to NFP, and these two people have really contributed the majority of all research and science when it comes to natural family planning. I hope their cause progresses, and I really hope they answer my many pleading prayers. 


I swear I had something to write here and it's flown right out of my head! I'm heading out to give the non-talker and the non-sleeper a sled ride while the bigs are out with daddy. 

Have you vote, vote, voted yet?? You know you want to...

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  1. Nora. She is just soooo cute. I'm almost done with P&P! Should be fun to chat about it with the book club :)

  2. Wow, had no idea about the Billing's couple! That's awesome. I have no idea about his life outside of his Creighton work, but whenever Dr. Hilgers passes on to the next life (hopefully not for a loooong time), I'd definitely advance his cause too. Thanks for sharing the news!

  3. What?!? They're being considered for beatification - WOW! And, I love the color of the polish, but I'm like you, it might take me some getting used to. It does look pretty on you!

  4. I'm really excited about this list of mystery novels! I'm afraid my husband might ban me from reading your blog anymore though, since you're feeding my mystery habit. I've already plowed through the stack of Agatha Christie that I got for Christmas and he's a little concerned. It's just that once I crack one open I just have to finish it, kids are resilient right? They don't need me to pay attention to them all the time....I mean....I don't have a problem, I can stop anytime I want :)

  5. Matte nail polish on me always makes me think of high school me painting my nails with wite out.

  6. down with matte nail polish. it doesn't make any sense. SHINE


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