Friday, January 3, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol. 73

Joining the great Fulwiler for another year of Quick Takes - I resolve to make these quick!


Are you still enjoying the holidays? It still feels deliciously lacksidasical around here. The husband unfortunately had to go back to work yesterday which made the vacation feel as if it was ended but things are still feeling relaxed around the house since we haven't started back to school around here. I may still be adding Bailey's to my morning coffee and eating several chocolates before lunchtime. Because it's 12 Days of Christmas people...why not eat chocolate everyday?!


We are also celebrating Christmas with my husband's side of the family tomorrow so we are still anticipating visiting and fun and presents and food! Can I just say how much I enjoy Christmas being spread out a little? It feels so good to not have to rush everything into two days. The kids are so much happier, I'm so much less exhausted, I don't have to worry about packing for five kids AND wrapping their presents on Christmas Eve. I just love it. I don't think everyone on his side of the family is as down with it, but I'm definitely pulling for this to become an every year tradition!


I've decided to be lazy, er, I mean liturgically correct and leave the tree and decorations up till after Epiphany. Our tree is getting a but dry, as in it may literally turn into kindling any second now. I always forget to water the darn tree as soon as Christmas Day has past. I also noticed the baby starting to eat pine needles off the floor...soooo....


Did you make it to midnight on New Year's Eve?? The husband and I could not for the life of us remember the last time we stayed up till midnight. We felt like 75 year olds. We ate Chinese food with my parents, played some board games, came home to watch a Foyle's War and were blissfully in bed by 10:30.  It was really a great evening. I'm not even going to pretend I have lofty ambitions to stay up till midnight anymore.


So. Saint of the year anyone? This year I got St. Jude. Patron saint of lost causes St. Jude. Which seems fairly unrelated to my life. Unless of course we're talking about the lost causes of the laundry, losing those last ten five pounds of pregnancy weight, having any breakthrough in the NFP department, staying up till midnight one day a year, and getting a handle on this homeschooling stuff. So maybe God is helping me out here. Maybe St. Jude is going to bust stuff up in here for me.

Last year I got St. Peregrine and I have to admit I spent the whole year praying to him that no one in my family would be diagnosed with cancer. Which I guess was answered, but it did worry me a little. I did implore his intercession with a variety of different health issues so I hope my prayers helped!


I'm not a good one for resolutions. I don't like creating unattainable expectations. But I'm always so inspired to read other's goals for the year. Goals like running a marathon, writing a book, eating only things that grow out of ground they themselves trod upon. Lofty awesome goals. If I'm being 100% honest here, I think I stay away from the lofty goals because I am still very much in the default setting of thought "I've got 5 little kids whom I can barely keep alive using all my energy and have yet to have more than two hours to myself in over 9 months." So that's a big crutch but also a big reality. I mean if I were really creating resolutions they would include things like "Get out of the house with all the kids by myself once a week - to the library" or "Try not to classify crackers as a meal" or "Remember to call my friends once a month." Big earth shattering resolutions right? So I'm trying not to let this realistic thinking get me down. But it kinda makes me feel like a bit of a loser. 


So big week in tv! And by tv I mean British tv. Because is American tv anything to get excited about??- well not until Mad Men comes on! I may be illegally downloading Sherlock right now, but I honestly can't believe I've waited to watch Downton Abbey on legit PBS. I feel as if the bloom has rubbed off a little for me. I'll watch it of course. And become fairly obsessed with it I'm sure. And maybe start referring to a couple of my sons as footmen, but I'm watching it non-illegally for the first time! Maybe I should make this a New Year's resolution, this legal tv viewing, except I'm simultaneously breaking it right now with the Sherlock...I'll have to come up with something else!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend - stay warm and watch playoff football/Downton!

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  1. Don't get down about it--a good rule of thumb, I think, would be to aim to accomplish one thing a day. Then you'll feel good about yourself but not stressed. It can be a really easy thing, too!

    Woo! We should have Sherlock nerd talk when the new episodes come out! Here in 'Merica it's the 18th, I think? Well, I'll have to record it on my parents' television because I don't have a TV. :P

    And I still haven't watched Downtown Abbey; I'm still working my way through Game of Thrones and have yet to start Once, both of which are kind of mandatory for a fairy tale enthusiast like myself.

    1. Well, I couldn't wait and watched it on Youtube. Now I'm suffering from a fangirl hangover. :c Only certain series and shows have the capability of doing that to me, and this is one of them!

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  3. My husband gave up illegally downloading tv a few years ago...which means I had to give up illegally downloaded tv too because I ain't got no pirating skills. Mope. I don't even want to think about how long it's going to be before I get new Sherlock:(

  4. I think trying not to classify crackers as a meal is a great goal. Unless they're whole grain, of course- then they are totally still a meal.

  5. I agree about the resolutions. I'm trying to make small, attainable changes. My list keeps growing, so the trick will be to keep it manageable so when I screw up I don't feel like a failure when seeing everything I didn't do. Our tree is still up, too. It may come down this weekend, but with football playoffs, who knows. I don't want to do it without help, so we'll see what I can get my husband to do! :)

  6. The Sherlock pic totally cracked me up. And I had totally forgotten that the new shows air (legally) in mere DAYS! Happy dance!!

  7. A fellow Downton fan!! We've been looking forward to 2014 just for this season to start! We watched all three seasons during 2013 after purchasing the DVDs--first time we'll watch it with the rest of the world :)

  8. I am currently researching a character who pirates British TV shows for a book I'm writing, and would therefore like to know how one might go about watching Sherlock early. For my book. That I'm researching.

  9. Unless they're whole grain, of course- then they are totally still a meal. We watched all three seasons during 2013 after purchasing the DVDs--first time we'll watch it with the rest of the world. I am trying to make small, attainable changes.

    Kopi Luwak

  10. Hi! I saw your guest post from Call Her Happy and I have to tell you, you ARE living an extraordinary life, you're also living MY life (except, I don't fit in my pants!) Eeck! I just love when I find peeps like me, so prepare for my stalking ;) I too have 5 kids, ages 6 -19months..and it is crazy at best. I look forward to reading more! Nice to "meet" you!! :)


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