Friday, January 17, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol 75

I'm just documenting random thoughts as per usual, thank goodness it's Friday and I can link them up with Mrs. Fulwiler!


In an effort to get out of the Great January Funk of 2013 I tried a couple different things this week, and I'm really unsure of their success. I'm not sure if I'm really out of an emotional funk, or maybe I am and it's just still winter? Either way, fun stuff. One of my techniques is to stop stressing about being in a funk. Does that ever happen to you? Stressing about being stressed out?? Because it makes you feel doubly ridiculous than just simply feeling stressed. Thus, I just tried to lie around and give myself a little leeway to try and read frivolously in the afternoon instead of cleaning the kitchen or doing laundry, or watch a little bit more superfluous tv after the kids were asleep, just stuff that could relax me a little without the guilt I usually pile on for not doing all the things that need doing around here. Have I seen instant results? Not quite, so I may start reverting back to my regular occupation of questioning everything in my life - because that's completely rational and normal!


Have you popped over to A Knotted Life to nominate your favourite Catholic blog yet? You don't have to be a blogger to nominate, or read a million blogs, just head over and nominate those deserving blogs you love! It's a great encouragement to the best of Catholic blogging.

Also; while you're at Bonnie's, who is so great to do such a lot of work in support of Catholic blogging, please pray for her son James and her whole family. Her son suffered a seizure earlier in the week and I'm sure prayers would help in every direction. 


Whoever gave Nora a baby alarm clock -- I would like to hunt you down and make you stay up for hours on end or maybe just let you fall into a deep sleep and wake you up with a bullhorn! It's like I'm living with a newborn again. She wakes up every three hours like she has an alarm clock in her room. Now before you make excuses for her, I swear she's not teething, she doesn't want to nurse too much, she's eating well during the day, but still the waking. So much waking. I feel lame complaining about this as if it's some new thing around here, I mean for crying out loud, I thought if you had a bunch of kids you were immune to this type of thing!? But alas, it still stinks. 


I've had a health issue pop up over the last week, nothing serious, but something in which it would be advantageous to stop eating sugar, gluten, and alcohol. Which basically means everything good. I've definitely had nagging headaches since axing all sugar, and every afternoon I feel like climbing the walls in search of a baked good or something covered in chocolate! 

I mean, I'm waking up every three hours! If that's not an excuse to emotionally eat then I don't know what is!


The kids are downstairs right now playing "last people in the jungle" and I asked why they were the last and they said because "no one else ever goes in that jungle because its too deep and has no signs." Luke is the searcher and I guess I should teach him to say, "Dr. Livingston, I presume." 

I'm just realizing I still haven't done a post on the basement's small reno we've done. Which is mostly because I still haven't hung anything on the walls and that there are still twin mattresses stacked against walls. But its a vast improvement and the kids enjoy being down there a little more, and I'll even venture down from time to time. 


Just using this photo because I loved her dress at the Golden Globes.

So everyone is a talking about Downton.
Feel free to skip this take if you're completely full of this talk.

I was audibly upset about last week's episode. Enough that my husband asked if I was ok from the other room where he was trying to avoid all sounds of Downton. 

I just...I don't....why...ugh...

It was simply a very upsetting episode that I felt seemed very jarring. Obviously Anna is one of the good guys downstairs, she's already gone through a lot, finally ended up with Bates (after a painfully long, drawn out process of his being in jail - soooo boring that whole thing last season!), but to see Bates being petty towards her seemed strange, and why is she flirting with a random valet? And why would no one be downstairs at all?! And why did she go downstairs for an aspirin?!! And why didn't she grab a knife off the kitchen counter?!? And now I just see so many painful episodes ahead where they will try to cover up this horrific crime. I just wish Downton was the pleasure it was to watch of season 1. 

I just can't help shaking the feeling that since Sybil died the writers seem to be treating the audience as pliable dupes. We can't turn away so they can do whatever they want to us! 


The weather has warmed up to around here this week which is some relief to the cabin fever that's been raging. This weekend is supposed to be almost tropical and above zero! I'll be out suntanning if you need me. Give me all the vitamin D you have, Sun!

I gotta run, Nora's downstairs and about to be sucked into the jungle!

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  1. Wow! You must have an iron will...I have a special stash of Bailey's chocolates (sugar: check, gluten: check, alcohol: check) that I binge on whenever I am being persecuted by wakeful babies, and I am in no way prepared to give them up! Good for you! Hope it goes well.

  2. Ahhh, I am so sorry about what you cannot eat. I bet that is a really tough transition. And, I'm sorry about Nora :( Praying things ease up for you soon!

  3. I've given up gluten's not too bad. GIving up sugar on the other hand is absolutely awful. And, we won't even talk about alcohol.

  4. I agree about Downton. So disappointing.

  5. Thank you for the prayers and support.

    Re: Downton. I'm not as upset as a lot of other people. As soon as he flirted with her for the first time I knew something was going to happen, but I actually think they did a good job with the sad, sad, sad scene. So many other programs would have shown more of the violence and I was glad they didn't - even though it may have seemed more horrible because of it.


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