Thursday, January 23, 2014

My agent just called...

...And I've been nominated in the 2014 Sheenazing Awards! Woot!

Haha...An agent...I'm pretty sure I'd use him for babysitting...

But! I am so honoured and absolutely chuffed to be nominated at all let alone for Funniest Blogger(?!), Coolest Blogger(??!!), Best Looking Blog (Wha?!), Most Inspiring Blog (Wowwee guys), Best Lifestyle Blog (Yowza!), Best Under Appreciated Blog(That's right, no self-esteem), Best Blog by a Mom (I'm glad these kids have come in handy for something), and Smartest Blog (Really??)! Thank you so much for the nomination, because it really is an honour just to be nominated with my favourite blogs I read all the time and kinda/sorta idolize, but only in a totally healthy way!

So if you'd care to throw a vote my way, or just truly vote for your favourites run over to the wonderful Bonnie's and vote, vote, vote!

Thanks to Bonnie for such a wonderful promotion and encouragement to Catholic bloggers. I'm excited to read new ones and vote!

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  1. I want to be chuffed too! Are Americans allowed to be?


  2. SO glad to see you nominated for so many categories :) Good luck!


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