Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Washin Windows today!

Well, I'm going to break down today and wash windows. I've officially reached grime overload. Washing windows to most people is usually a standard on the weekly cleaning list but when you've got 3 littles who practically manufacture their own "stick", clean windows are so far down the cleaning list they only register twice a year, or in dire circumstances, e.g. your mother in law coming over. 

Now with the longer daylight, my windows appear as if there is a opaque filter from floor level to about three and a half feet up. I'm going to windex them up and scrub them to Martha Stewart standards even if they only last 5.5 minutes! The only problem is now that I'm noticing months worth of finger grime on the windows, I'm seeing that in reality it covers most walls and pretty much anything kid level. I'll be here for a while...

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