Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Fashion File by Janie Bryant

Let it be known I'm a huge Mad Men fan so I was excited to read anything about the gorgeous styles that Janie Bryant brings to the show, but this book was a lot more fun than even I anticipated! 

Unlike most fashion books out there that focus primarily on which style of jeans you should be buying while being written in the usual twaddle of an entertainment show, Bryant writes with a enthusiasm and Southern wit which makes for an enjoyable read. She sprinkles in a few of her techniques she uses for the show which clearly show her genius, but most importantly she encourages the pursuit your own personal style. Through accessories, fit, and vintage pieces, Bryant inspires a dramatic and personal style for your everyday dressing. 

Bryant's love for vintage and chapter on how to shop for vintage was what I enjoyed most. She has a great eye towards what vintage pieces work with todays fashion and has chic ideas on how to gradually add vintage to one's wardrobe without breaking the bank or crossing the line into dressing like an old lady. 

Although the book has moments of being a tad out of touch with regular women's wardrobes, and Bryant's personal closet sounds alot like MGM's costume department, I think the inspiration she gives to building a stylish attitude and wardrobe is helpful, especially to those of us stuck in a rut. If you like a little talk about beautiful clothes and love the classic look of Mad Men, The Fashion File is a fun guidebook.


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