Friday, May 6, 2011

A quick happy mother's day!

"One day, all human accomplishments will be reduced
to a pile of ashes. But every single child to whom a
woman has given birth will live forever, for he has been
given an immortal soul made to God’s image and
likeness." -Alice von Hildebrand

She's a heavy hitter that A.v.H! I'm putting that up partly for myself because I've been getting a little grumpy this week as my husband's been working some really long hours. I swear, sometimes you don't think husbands do much until they're gone for a while! So, having to dress, redress and undress kids, x3, a couple million times a day so that they can have fun doing messy things outside is getting me kinda tired. I'm sure I'll perk up given 20 or so minutes of frivolous tv or a couple glasses of wine! Happy (Mother's Day) Weekend!

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  1. Hi Christy!

    Oh my goodness! I LOVE your blog! It's so full of beauty!

    (This particular post rang especially true for me! Hope you got that much-needed glass of vino! ;)


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