Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend lack of sleep!

I thought this post deserved a beautiful bed picture since I'm going to write a little about sleep. This is one of my dream headboards by the way. I love a good upholstered headboard! 

We had a beautiful Victoria Day long weekend this past weekend, we also celebrated my daughter's birthday and my birthday which transformed into a weekend long party/barbecue at my parents house. It was a weekend of lots of fun and a couple of late nights where we didn't get to bed till after midnight. 

A couple of nights staying up past midnight and I was wrecked yesterday! At the ripe old age of 26 I can't stay up past midnight. I find it pretty hilarious really, being so unused to something that used to come so naturally! I stand firmly behind the fact that having babies makes one appreciate sleep to such an extent it seems like a sacrilege to stay up past 10 pm. Or is it because having babies wears you out faster? I swear the quantity of things I do in a day adds up to a lot of hard labour. Or am I just coming up with new ways of saying I'm old?!?

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