Thursday, May 26, 2011

Childish Enthusiasm

One of the things I just love about toddlerhood-or when babies start to speak for themselves-is their enthusiasm for just about anything. They have no trouble sharing their excitement over the things they find thrilling. 

Luke calls out from his car seat "Caaarr!" each time an oncoming car passes us on the highway. 

Gemma saw a big clump of dandelions the other day and exclaimed "Look mama, Dandy-lies! They're so perreeeetty!" She really sees the beauty of dandelions!

And Dominic likes to look for eggs at my parents chicken run, and each time he finds one he can't believe it and yells "EGG! EGG!" 

Their sweet love of the simple joys and wonders of their day is so much fun to watch. And of course it brings so much joy and cheer to my day. God shows us so much cheerfulness and wonder in children. 

And today being the feast of St. Phillip Neri here's a beautiful quote of his from this great article: 

"Cheerfulness strengthens the heart and makes us persevere in a good life. Therefore, the servant of God ought always to be in good spirits."

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  1. aww Christy this is such a sweet post- and so true, don't you wish you could get so excited about such little things instead of just taking them for granted?


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