Tuesday, May 10, 2011


"The first things must be the very fountains of life, love and birth and
babyhood; and these are always covered fountains, flowing in the quiet
courts of the home." -G.K. Chesterton

Lately, we've been running around outside splashing in puddles, getting covered in sidewalk chalk, and all-around being just completely dirty. Its made me think about how fun and new everything is to a toddler. 

Right now, as seasons of motherhood go, I'm right smack dab and buried in toddlerhood! My oldest turns 4 next week and then I've got a 29 month old and an 18 month old. As soon as they're awake the questions, narration, tantrums, fights, singing, and constant requests start and continue until they're napping! And as most mom's of toddlers can attest, I spend a majority of time saying no to things, or at least trying to divert attention to something else so I don't have to say no, and cleaning up after them. Sometimes I watch in wonder as a completely tidy little room goes to complete war-zone in a matter of mere moments! 

But the sweetness of toddlerhood is watching your little people see things, do things, say things for the first time. From Luke's adorable swift, determined, baby walk, to Dominic's first formed questions, to Gemma's daily changing imaginary games. The bright joy they bring to everyday events, and of course their own crazy, unique, perspective on everything from the sounds they hear in Church to why the phone rings, are hilarious gifts I don't want to miss. 

And thats why I'm going to enjoy my toddler's days and hope I never forget the daily craziness! 

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