Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My latest ebay score!

I love old books! They don't necessarily have to be first editions, but the older the better!  I'm trying to collect vintage editions of my favourite authors and books I like to read and high up on my list is beloved G.K. Chesterton.

I've got to admit I've never read The Club of Queer Trades, which is pretty ridiculous considering how much Chesterton I've read and how this ranks up there as one of his best novels. But this edition I found for a steal on ebay and its from 1905! 

I love the feel and smell of old books. I also love thinking who bought them, who has read them, where they have sat on bookshelves all these years. They contain a whole private history. I also love the way they look on my bookshelves, and fact that I've found them and with the great invention of ebay or sometimes in thrift stores and even the basement of my husband's grandmother! 

This book was published 2 years after Chesterton wrote The Club of Queer Trades, 106 years from today. Isn't it awesome how they used to have such intricate engravings in novels? This book has about ten and I think make the book so unique. Now that I've seen the engravings I'm more enticed to see how they fit the writing. Hopefully I'll get around to reading this soon!

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