Monday, May 16, 2011

May Monday-ness

I love May! Its just a wonderful month where things finally turn to spring up here! Right now as I look out my window the first beautiful baby green buds of the trees are out, and I see baby calves grazing on fresh green grass. I also bought my annual flowers this weekend-which always makes me happy-so I'll be planting those when I get a chance! 

This weekend my husband and I got to go out for a little date night, a movie and some drinks afterwards! Motherhood expands your capacity for joy for so much of life, but it really increases your enjoyment of small things like getting out for a movie with your husband! Also in my breaking news; I got a haircut. Will wonders never cease!?

Another wonderful May perk-my birthday! This Thursday is my daughter's birthday and she will be turning 4! Does 4 mean she's no longer a "toddler" but a "child", she most definitely will not be referred to by that dreadful word "pre-schooler" but what happened to my "baby"?!? My birthday is the day after, which means we have a whole weekend full of celebrating and a great excuse to eat cupcakes for a few days in a row! 

Have a great week-enjoy May!

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