Friday, July 15, 2011

Seven Quick Takes vol. 3.

Here's my 7 random thoughts for today-thanks to the wonderful, hard-working, Jennifer for hosting!


Yesterday I thought I was having a great morning! No dishes because I did them the night before (which doesn't happen often), kids playing happily for a change in the basement without asking for me every 5 minutes, and I even got to some of my extra housework like cleaning my window screens. But I had left the kids for about 10 minutes when Dom wanders upstairs asking for a new band-aid for his finger, except his big problem was being completely covered in soot and ash. Head to toe ash. We have a wood stove in our basement and for some reason the kids got a bit carried away and opened it up and had a great time getting it everywhere and on every piece of furniture and of course, themselves! I was so angry and had to bathe everyone and then had to lock them in their room so I could clean everything up. My easy morning turned into a heck of a lot of vacuuming. And yet another instance of how quickly kids can make such ginormous messes!


I finally finished The Club of Queer Trades by G.K. Chesterton! Yes, my 106 year old copy was read in its full glory. I could smell the years...well, not quite, but in my imagination I did. I think this is such a great book for people new to Chesterton's fiction. Its broken up into what amounts to individual stories which are, naturally, clever and funny, and adventurous and romantic. Chesterton says alot through zany adventures and his philosophy is best absorbed through his entertaining prose. 


On a completely different note: how do we feel about coloured denim?? I really think there must be something up with me because I am feeling like jumping on this bandwagon for some reason. Ok, the reason is actually the adorable outfits Anthropologie is putting together. Maybe I couldn't pull it off for a more realistic price tag but it looks like a lot of fun, and I have a hard time saying no to outrageous colour in any application! Look at these beauties!


I read about a wonderful idea this week and its stuck with me so I think I'm going to try it-how does planning a date for the hubby at home once a month sound? Rebekah at a bit of sunshine wrote about this great idea and calls it "Dinner at Eight" in hopes your kids are in bed by then and is going to post once a month with a little theme/idea of what you can plan for your hubby. I think its a good push for me. As usually by dinner I'm completely wiped and must look like something that crawled out from under something. I'd like to purposefully do something nice just for my husband, maybe, I don't know, do my hair, and plan a really nice dinner for us. It sounds good in theory, I hope I can do it.


I was in the city shopping Wednesday and lets just say when HomeSense starts putting things on clearance I could easily buy enough to refurnish my entire home. Some of my favourite things there are the awesome table linens that they put on for $5-$10 bucks. Its not a lot to spend but it can really cheer up your house quickly!


As I'm sitting here thinking about the best stuff I've read this week I have to say that both Jennifer's articles this week about babies and housework are so worth the read. Its beautiful to read the truth about your vocation.


Well our beautiful Canadian summer is not too hot and this weekend looks like temps will be in the low 20s. Everything is beyond lush and green and if it wasn't for the masses of mosquitoes this year it would be perfection! My husband is helping my dad out with a HUGE project of reburying all the ranch's electrical so I have a feeling I'm going to have some time to do frivolous things like watch some Humphrey Bogart movies with my sister and roast some marshmallows. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I wince in sympathy with #1. Those are the days when I am so ready to be done with the young age!! I can't believe you laid it out there so matter-of-factly.

  2. I love the Dinner at 8 idea! I have to try this, because like you, I gradually descend into a trainwreck by dinnertime.... and then escape to the computer by 8 because Patrick is finally done working on it. Wouldn't it be nice for me to actually pay some attention to him in the evening?!


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