Friday, July 29, 2011

7 Quick Takes vol. 4?

My takes are fairly random today-so enjoy! 
And pop over to Jen's for the real thing!


Father Barron has an excellent little take on Biblical Family Values this week. Its so good to be reminded that our children aren't ours but are meant for God. It's a difficult thing to live as a parent, but when I look at my kids its hard to imagine that they could be mine, they're little walking miracles! But at the same time, it is a sacrifice to let something, or someone in this case, that you have devoted so much of yourself to just go out into the world to follow God's plan. I am going to need a few more years/decades to get my mind around that one.


I'm probably pretty late jumping on this bandwagon but I really love Starbucks Via instant iced coffee! I love iced coffee as a rule, but this stuff is so good for instant. Its strong, with the right amount of sweetness and tastes just like the real thing from Starbucks! I know its a fortune, but its a fun summer treat!


My husband and I are going out to a movie tonight! Shocker! However, the problem with never seeing movies anymore is having no idea what we want to see. Or really what I want to see. My husband watched The King's Speech last weekend with me so I think that earns him Captain America tonight. We'll see how that goes!


I need to get rid of Anthropologie in my facebook feed. I keep seeing their cute new tops and wanting to buy them! Its bad. But look at this one, its got a sweet little glasses print that I love-this may break my self control!


I just finished this book! It was my yearly trashy, chick lit, fun, summer read! I started it at the lake so it fit perfectly. Summer just doesn't feel completely like summer without a fun read. This one, although it definitely had aspects that were morally not good, was well written on the whole. Also; one storyline involved a young mom dealing with cancer which was compellingly written.


I love this painted cabinetry! And the open shelving with the wallpaper backing is so great! I don't know if even I could live with that bright a colour but I just love the way it feels. And the shelves are dreamily styled. I would have to buy all new dishes for open shelving too, of course! 


Tomorrow is the parade in town so we'll be taking the kids and watching them get as much candy as they can carry. Its a very summery-y thing to do and the weather is supposed to be nice. The husband has is still of from work, and since this is a long weekend he won't go back till Tuesday so I'm excited! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. i have a cabinet very similar to this one and, although i probably wouldn't do the bright blue, i love the idea.

    hmmm ... food for thought!

  2. ooh Christy, this cabinet is totally adorable! you should totally do it!! or don't you have that bookshelf in your living room?! Paint it up mah friend!


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