Monday, July 18, 2011

If you want me I'll be at the lake...

via doesn't this guy kinda look like Danny Kaye from a distance. But I think he has a funky goatee going on.

Well this week is the first time jumping into swimming lessons! My baby girl who is now 4 is going to go into lessons at the lake about 15 minutes from our house. To illustrate how small-town it is these swimming lessons run Tue-Sun with three 20 min lessons a day per age group, for only $5 for the week! And because its pretty small town these 3 lessons per day are spread out over the course of the whole day thus eating up the majority of your day. But don't worry there are worse things in life than spending a summer day lakeside with the kids. But saying that the forecast for this week gets pretty chilly by Thursday so I might start complaining then! 

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  1. Your small town I think is even bigger than ours! We don't even have even bargain-basement swimming here. Just Euchre, church potlucks and AA meetings... It makes me think of that Tim McGraw song "Drugs or Jesus".


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