Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On bad kitchen accidents

I had a bad mommy moment yesterday. 

I was making dinner, and for some reason the kids had just come out of some serious corner time, it was about 20 min to daddy's ETA, and I was in the bathroom cleaning something up! I even had the door open and could see through the mirror into the kitchen. Dom even asked me if he could "Please help!?" He usually asks this and it usually means he pushes up a chair to the counter a couple good feet away from the hot stove while I'm making dinner.

But yesterday he pushed the chair within a foot of the stove and within a half a minute reached over and touched a pot lid that I had just taken out of a 400 degree oven. There was screaming and I ran and it all happened within two minutes! 

And it left me feeling awful that I wasn't watching them for every second. And for leaving the pot lid on the stove. I mean why isn't it possible to ALWAYS watch each and every kid?? Fortunately, he just has small little blisters on two fingertips, and seemed to feel much better as soon as he got a cool bandage. Unfortunately for me, I've still got pangs of guilt. 

Glad I've got a lot more days of loving this cute face ahead of me!

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  1. Aw poor little Dom! I had a similar moment last week with Felicity. We were at my sister's house having lunch, and Felicity was refusing to come to the table, so I thought, I'll just eat mine (haha I was starving) and then deal with her. So she stayed in the corner playing with toys...until I heard a bang and crying and I ran over and she had a huge gash on her forehead ( cut on the heater). We had to go to the hospital and wait hours and hours..and now she'll have a scar on her face..and I kept thinking..if only I had made her eat lunch!!!!!


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