Friday, July 1, 2011

7 Quick Takes vol. 2

I'm linking up again with 7 Quick Takes over at Jennifer's. She can even come up with great blog posts days after giving birth-my hero!


Its the long weekend! Hurray! My husband got an extra day off so we have a lovely 4 day weekend together. We're planning on chipping away at some sort of organization of the house, painting, and campfires. Not too exciting but nice to be able to enjoy a precious Canadian summer weekend! 


I'm a fanatic about ONLY breastfeeding my babies for as long as possible! (Except with my poor second born, which I'm still experiencing guilt over, but bad nurser+getting pregnant again in 8 weeks=only 4 months breastfeeding.) Anyways, this is a really interesting article about the nutritional benefits of only breastfeeding babies for the first six months in African nations. I'm sure the nutritional benefits would be huge in our Western nations as well.


I'm in love with these cute owls from West Elm:

I already have white ceramic owl bookends but I love all things owl. I'm going to end up being one of those old ladies who when they die people haul out cartloads of crazy junk she collected for decades.


Have I mentioned today how much I love summer if only for the fact I can toss kids outside at any hour without having to spend over 25 minutes dressing them? Its a pretty big deal. Its a big time gain, and the kids are outside more! It really makes you wonder how Canadians have managed to raise kids over the course of history.


I've been online shopping again! I honestly don't know what stay-at-home moms did before the internet. You'd be forced to buy clothes within a small distance of you and only with the minuscule amount of time you have to shop. I love online shopping, I feel like I can find stuff thats my style and hunt for sales at the same time. J.Crew got my order yesterday, and I hope it's worth the insane amount they're charging for shipping to Canada!


You know what would help world peace a little bit? If everyone wrote recipes with butter in the same measurements! I can't stand the use of sticks, ounces and tablespoons! Can't we just decide on one way to measure butter? Its true I've been baking again...


Happy long weekend to everyone! Happy Canada Day today and 4th of July to the Americans! Hope everyone enjoys summer to the fullest this weekend, complete with great beverages and long nights!


  1. My goal is to breastfeed till 6months with each child. Need to read that article!
    Have a wonderful long weekend with your family!
    :) Anna

  2. A lot of them shopped by mail from the Eaton's catalogue! Like in "The Hockey Sweater," where the boy was sent the wrong team's hockey jersey. D-: Also, measuring butter in ounces is so mean. Who would do such a thing? I'm going to pull out a scale to measure a growing pile of butter scrapes? Measuring in sticks is also wrong, because the separated sticks are more expensive so I never buy them. You know, I think we might just need a conversion chart in the kitchen, like a math table. 1 oz butter = _ Tbsp = _ sticks = _/_ cup.


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