Friday, August 16, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol 55.

Quick Taking with the best of them with Jen!


Thanks for your sweet words and prayers for my Granny! 
She was 95 and led a relatively healthy life and did remarkably well for her age up until a couple months ago. (She drank tons of coffee...which I will always attribute to a well spent and long life!) But 95 years...she was born in 1918, the last year of the Great War. She was in her twenties while the Second World War raged. She was born in British Columbia when it was really just a little more developed than the days of pioneers. She saw amazing change and lived in an incredible time in history. Its amazing to think about. She was also a great Grandma who loved us immensely!


I hope everyone's read Jen's post about Breaking Bad and have fully caught up on all 5 seasons by now. I was going to mention last week how excited I was that it was starting up again, this last season is going to blow me away. The episode on Sunday was great I thought. It was a perfect example of how carefully and subtly the show creates such tension. I'm so curious as to the show will resolve since Walt's ego/pride is so big he doesn't even blink knowing he's been caught.
Breaking Bad is really the greatest show on tv. Its so worth watching for the acting and writing. I don't think any other modern story-telling has done a moral play so well. I initially was hesitant to begin watching it because I thought I'd find content matter upsetting but its so compellingly portrayed. I love Mad Men of course, but its morality is far more ambiguous and we'll need to see the show in its completion to understand its moral view I think. Anyway-go watch Breaking Bad now.


I've decided there is no such thing as having too much toddler underwear. I swear we must have 50 pairs between boys and girls, but its never enough. They're always running out. Sure, it may be because I get around to laundry once a week, but lets not point fingers. I bought more for everyone yesterday...again...and I don't regret it at all! 


Max just woke up from his nap and handed me an empty hotel-size bottle of lotion. 
I can't find any gooey mess in any of his blankets or crib. 
There's lotion all over his face.
Apparently lotion tastes pretty good.
He won't die right??


I got out of the house yesterday and did a whirlwind couple hours shopping while my mother in law had the bambinos. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I got done! (Thanks to Nora switching over to eating every 4 hours compared with every 3-I'm an ace at time management!) 
I had everyone out and loaded in the car by 10 which has to be some kind of world record. The hour and half car ride passed pleasantly minus a screaming Max, I forgot his soother and for some reason don't yet have a glove box full of soothers. 
I heard Dom talking on his phone while we drove in with the following conversation, "Hi, this is Dominic, I'd like 2 lattes." I was laughing too hard to ask him who the second latte was for. I may take him through the Starbucks drive-thru too much.


Is it weird to admit that one of the best parts of having five kids is shopping for clothes for them? Ok, its not even on the top 25 list but I do like shopping, having 5 more reasons to do so is a pleasant bonus! Yesterday I bought up a bunch of summer clothes that were on sale, enough for the boys next summer. Obviously having three boys conveniently within three years of each other makes the hand-me-down situation pretty stellar. I now buy nicer clothes for Dominic than I usually would knowing that they'll be going through three boys. Of course by the time they reach Max they might be relegated to just play clothes, but then I'll usually only have to buy a few nicer items for Max each season to stave off the ragamuffin look in public. 


I was so breathtakingly efficient with the kid clothes and grocery shopping that I had time to hit a thrift store. And I came back with a haul of books! 

A Grimm's Fairy Tales from, I believe 1948 because it has a sweet inscription inside the cover in pencil!
A collection of Russian short stories, I couldn't resist.
A great edition of The House at Pooh Corner.
And Adventure Stories for Girls - because I'm really curious!

Nancy Drew #47 - Because its one of my life goals to have the whole Nancy Drew collection from the 50's.
Under the Lilacs by Louisa May Alcott, I can't remember if I've read this one but the pretty pink binding is worth it in of itself!
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and The Swiss Family Robinson in really great hardcover edition. I can't resist classics! 

4 volumes of My Book House which I've been looking for since reading about how Sarah and others are incorporating them within read-alouds for homeschooling. I was looking at buying the whole set off ebay this week for around $150 bucks with shipping this week and I think I screamed a little when I saw them on the shelf yesterday for $4.00 each. Of course now I just need the other eight and I'll be set!

And this. Because I'm the biggest sucker for vintage pictures of mothers and babies. I hope I can find a good place for it!

Thanks for checking in on my sanity and book neediness - Happy Weekend!


  1. I laugh at Dominic's latte order because Patrick does the same thing. This is somewhat balanced out by Joseph's love for Tim Horton's so sometimes it's "A large coffee with two creams". I get the short apple ciders for Patrick, which he thinks is coffee and is disappointing every time he tastes my coffee and it is not his beloved "Starbucks coffee." I'm probably just creating brand loyalty here, but oh well!

  2. I like shopping for the kids' clothes so much more than for my own... Maybe because they're cheaper and don't need to fit as well? And I absolutely buy nicer stuff for Cecilia since we had the twins - totally worth paying extra for something that'll last through 3 girls!

  3. My son just likes to ask if I need some coffee every time he sees the Starbucks symbol. I wonder if it's that apparent that coffee makes me a better person...

    Love shopping for kiddo clothes - I actually have sold off the 1st one's clothes in order to have a grand reason for buying #2 "new" stuff. Typically, it's all consignment, but still so much fun to buy small clothes. I'm with Rosie on the whole they fit waaay better and pretty much always look cute.

    And hurrah for such a great thrift book haul! What great finds. =)

  4. I'm in trouble if we have a girl in the future with the clothes - it's easier to keep it in check with one boy, just dinosaur t-shirts and pants for us. Though I 'm a sucker for gap kids anything I find secondhand. I recently hit up the consignment store for my best friends soon arriving little girl and it was so hard not to buy all the cute dresses.

    I'm in love with your book finds - I think I need to stop at a thrift store this weekend and see what I can find!


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