Friday, August 30, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 57

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Friday's are so nice to wake up to...and not simply because I love reading everyone's Seven Quickies. But it does play a significant part!

I'm a blogging while cooking some lasagna for weekend guests because my sainted mother came and took the mobile offspring. The non-mobile offspring is having a great nap because she's pretty much been up since 4 am. Lucky duck. So the question I should now be asking is why is Bubble Guppies still playing in the background??


This week has been beautiful around this neck of the woods. And even though the fields are turning gold and the smell of fall is beginning to creep in from the surrounding forests I've been trying to soak up the summer-ness! I've let the kids play in the sprinkler/slip-n-slide/kiddie pool everyday, even though its a drag to get them all changed into swimsuits, then clean them all and change them back into clothes, and blow up the pool that has a leak every. single. day, because before I know it it'll be sub-arctic temperatures again and I'll be dying for a day of even faux warmth! I've even gone whole hog on the fun-mum bandwagon and been giving out popsicles like theres no such thing as blood sugar resistance. Max has never known such bliss in his life!


But with the fun-mum some things they must a-slide. I'm confessing I haven't worked out at all in the last couple weeks. I've just sat in the sun with the kids. I feel very little guilt about this. That's how much I dislike fitness. Or love sunshine. The worst part about working out is just getting the gumption up to do it. I even started thinking to myself, "Oh well, September starts next week, we might as well let August slide...", it's astonishing I'm not an inspirational speaker right?


I really think that I may need to spend less time speaking to toddlers. This week I've had whole conversations where I've used phrases like, "Yes, that did happen when mummy used to change your bum," and "I think you're right that the bad witch's magic told Sleeping Beauty to prick her thumb on the spinning wheel even though you shouldn't listen to witch's because they wear black dresses,"and I honestly participated as if we were discussing the problems involved with outside intervention in Syria. 


We haven't started school officially around here. I mean, we've been doing math every other day or so for more than a week, but I don't want to use the phrase "have started school". I'm looking at starting school more as a "soft opening" idea like they use in the restaurant business. (I watch A LOT of Food Network, ok?!) We'll slowly break into more school "stuff". But I'm not going to jinx myself by taking official "First Day of Kindergarten/Grade 1" pictures yet. I just think to be realistic and successful this year its going to be good to keep expectations and rigid scheduling at a low level. Yikes!


Does it sound like a watch a lot of tv around here? Because I have another series to recommend. I probably do watch too much tv...judge away. I'm talking about a new British series that just aired here in Canada on Showcase, called Broadchurch. I've read that it just aired on BBC America in the States, so that makes me think it must soon be available on Netflix, but again, I don't have it so I don't really know, but look into it mmkay?! 

Be forewarned that its a pretty heavy show. Its a crime drama whodunit based on the murder of a child, so its not easy subject matter. The acting, production, and writing however, are so well done and the show really sucked me in. It tells the story through a whole community and all those involved who were effected by the crime, who are trying to solve it, and who are suspected. I cried a couple of times over the course of the mini-series, there is only 8 episodes, because there were many well done moments that really told a story of how crime/sin impacts a community in many different ways. 

Did I mention is stars David Tennant, aka Dr. Who numero 10? It also has some actors from Cranford, I don't know their names of course, but I instantly recognized them because I watch Cranford on a monthly basis. 


I should really be going kicking some ass and taking some names in the housecleaning department.  My whole house is a disaster and completely unprepared for company. And with the kids gone it may actually mean I might be able to successfully clean something! 

Ah! I just remembered its a long weekend! Are there better words to the stay at home mom than "long weekend"?? Ok...possibly "I'll babysit your kids while you go to Hawaii for a couple weeks" or "Free wine" but "long weekend" is up there!

Have a very bon long week-end everybody!

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  1. I saw an ad for Broadchurch watching Doctor Who on BBC on demand this summer at my in-laws and really want to see it. But it's not on Netflix yet. And if Doctor Who season 7 is any indication they will get it . . . Never. Rory's in it too! It did look intense. But (so far) I've had a lot less trouble with BBC stuff than American shows.

  2. Ooo Broadchurch sounds like a great show! It looks like I can buy episodes on iTunes...I am maybe definitely going to do that...


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