Friday, August 23, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 56

Seven quick ones for Jen...and the world!

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Can I just say that there is not much in life as entertaining as watching a 20 month old walk around in one toy high heel...

This week I finally felt back on track from the weeks of people being sick around here. And by people I mostly mean me. Its nice to feel as if you have energy again and as if you might make it through the day doing something other than lying around. 
Even though I felt normal again I was pretty slow and didn't get much accomplished. I think I'm still living with ridiculously too high of expectations of what I can get done in a day. In reality one larger sized job gets done during the day in addition to just keeping children alive. And by one job I mean one job that needs a bit of attention or time. On Tuesday I wanted to reorganize the bathroom closet and I got it done, but only with throwing a wrench into babies' meal times and having the older 3 out of the house! I did it all for the enormous sense of accomplishment I felt. Seriously. Standards, they be low.


Dominic has become obsessed with finding warning signs everywhere. For some reason my husband must have given a really awesome explanation to a warning sign Dom saw one day because he loves finding warning signs and asking what they're about. And we live in such a ridiculous society today that most every toy we own has one. His booster seat has one. Anything that is supposed to be something to do with a baby has one. Bottles have 'em. I had no idea how they were everywhere until this week. Dom always has to say, "Mama come look! I found a warnin' sign! What does it say?" and I always have to go tell him. But this happens at least 25 times a day. I'm going to count one of these days!
Have I mentioned he is a ridiculously conscientious and observant kid for being 4?? He also has what seems like a freakishly photogenic memory. Basically he is going to homeschooling gold!


In his new room...I think he believes it will bring super powers.

We put Dominic and Luke downstairs in their new room for the first time this week! And let me tell you...I now feel as if I'm wealthy and live in a huge mansion! We don't hear them up and wrestling for hours, we don't have to go in 50 times to tell the three of them to go to sleep! Its changed my life. 
But, we also moved Max in with Gemma and he is being what can only be described as extremely difficult to live with. He just likes yelling at poor Gemma for about two hours. So I feel as if I've lost one source of constant annoying noise and gained a new one! Or the noise of three new ones. I'm just crossing my fingers he learns to deal/go to sleep instantly and we can all live in harmony.


With all this baby moving it means Nora has her own bedroom. Its kinda a big deal because she seemed to be waking up more at night lately in the living room. I think mostly due to our main living room windows not having blinds and there being so much light. Which we can't really fix. Quickly at least.
She's sleeping so much better and in her own crib and going to sleep so well. I'm feeling pretty cocky lately about my ability to sleep train babies. I believe that my intensive 6 year course with 5 different test subjects has exposed me to every kind of baby sleep hating tactic there is and that I now come out victorious! So I think it means that I now have my Masters in sleep training. Thank you very much. I'm just deciding what letters I want after my name.


My window trim paint reveal! Humour me, I have to document my small successes! And damn, its hard to photograph windows...

I started repainting my window trim in the living room and kitchen this week because a year after we had a window replaced we're finally touching up the paint around it. Why does painting trim make everything look better?? I did our main living room window and then had to do our giant patio door as well, and they look so good I want everything else painted too! I just don't want to have to do it. I had to covertly paint at night after all the kids were in bed so that it could dry without being touched by goopy baby hands. At that rate if I were to even attempt the whole main floor it would take me till next year and every night! 


All this preparation is happening because the husband is picking up my new furniture today! I'm excited about it but at the same time feel a little guilty. How awful is that? I think its because we were both raised in homes where new furniture didn't happen often, and I feel as if I haven't really earned new furniture somehow. When we got married we only had furniture castoffs from family members. Then we bought a new, really cheap couch a couple years later which has been our main piece of living room furniture ever since. Its awful and cheap and has lost all its cushion so we've been saving up since last year specifically for new furniture because I wanted to make it a priority. I bought a new couch and chair in May and its finally ready now. I know I didn't spend a fortune (I read design blogs - I know!) but I'm still feeling extravagant somehow. Because we live so far from the city I can't really hunt craigslist for fun furniture finds, nor do I really have the time to do that now, although I'd really like to. We saved up, we both believe that our house right now is the appropriate place to spend money because its where we spend most of our time and its really the most important thing in our life. Aside from children...but making a home is important to it all works right?? I feel strongly that your home should be an adequate reflection of your family's personality and be comfortable, functional, and pretty, basically it should be a home! Anyway! I'm a rambling.


And now I'm debating carpet cleaning my living room carpet before the new furniture comes in. Ugh. It feels like something you shouldn't even try to touch. I shudder to think how dirty it is. Really, even attempting to clean it is futile. It really needs it. Do I want to lug up the giant carpet cleaner and try? But its really dirty. It'll look so much better if theres clean carpet next to new furniture...but I'm lazy.  

This was a riveting Quick Takes...Have a much more riveting weekend!


  1. I just did some trim painting myself! It really makes a room sparkle, doesn't it? If only it weren't such a pain in the tush, I would do every bit of trim in this house.

    Congrats on the furniture! That's a milestone I haven't reached yet, but hope to soon:)

  2. I'm going to try Resolve Carpet Cleaning Foam. My mom justed used it to clean their carpets and it seemed to do the trick. If you have a lot of carpet though maybe it is just better to rent the hunky clunky machine...

  3. That picture of your son in his new bedroom is just the cutest. I love little boys. And new furniture is the most exciting/frightening thing there is. It feels so PERMANENT and grown up, and it (very rarely) comes. I think the only piece of furniture we have bought so far has been a rocking chair for our nursery...

  4. Ok, I gotta know how you do your sleep training.

    Baby #6 is coming in November and thankfully I've had pretty good sleepers, so I've never "officially" trained any of my babies, but I'm so very...maybe gonna...try with one.

    Oh and a Mama need some new pretty in her life sometimes, so don't feel bad about the furniture. Sounds great!

  5. I absolutely agree with your philosophy about the house. The house should be a place where you feel safe and comfortable.


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