Thursday, November 24, 2011

Seven Quick Takes vol. 10

Its been a rough week. I've been potty training. And I hate potty training. But then I'm sure it'd take me years to find a mom who likes it. I've used the three-day potty training method for my older two before, and although it didn't quite take three days, I think its a better system to go all the way at the beginning and invest time for a couple days instead of dragging it out for weeks. The method says the most important things are love, consistency, and patience....all of which I've been an epic fail at this week. I just try to keep reminding myself that its only been a couple days, I somehow trained two already, and that this kid is ridiculously smart AND stubborn. I actually think potty training is number two on my list of greatest accomplishments, number one being, of course, natural childbirth. 


So with this potty training business my wick of patience for toddlers has been woefully depleted. I've felt like a massive mom failure the last couple days. I should be reminding myself to go a little easier because I'm almost 8 months preggo and running around bending over a toddler isn't going to be as fast as when I'm not preggo. But I also have this constant ticking clock in the back of my mind marking off the few remaining days before this baby is born and everything will turn upside down for weeks/months and I will then definitely not have a chance to potty train. I'm a big ball of stress. I probably shouldn't be worrying about this at all, I'm sure tons of people would say that, but then again tons of people don't have 4 kids 4 and under! Touche! 


I read Unbroken a couple weeks back and it was amazing! I'm really not the biggest fan of war stories, war movies, etc. etc. but this book was so well written and the story so absolutely unbelievable that I couldn't put it down. Its really a beautiful story of the power of hope, and how much our spiritual life can bring us through the most dire of situations. I really recommend it!


I just love this table from Lonny mag
I think it may have something to do with the brass birds. 
But everything is beautiful!!


And I have to say that I think its lovely we don't celebrate a ginormous holiday at the end of November in Canada. I love not having to worry about a huge holiday mere weeks before Christmas. I think Thanksgiving in October is perfect. Celebrate fall while its still fall out, eat a huge turkey yet still crave it come December, have a whole 10 weeks to shop for Christmas, the advantages are endless.   


All that being said, I am pretty excited Advent is starting this weekend! I put off all the Christmas music and decorating at least till Advent is in full swing. Also; Dominic's birthday is this Sunday, and I think it'd be a nice tradition to keep up if we held back on the Christmas special-ness until the birthday special-ness is over. But I do love everything Christmas! 


Our big weekend plans include celebrating Dom's 3rd birthday on Sunday. His favourite colour right now is yellow so he would like yellow balloons, a chocolate cake with yellow frosting, and a yellow ball. His exact words. We're also going to attempt taking the kids to the small town Christmas light-up tonight and making everyone say hi to Santa! Its always a good time to get some pics of children frightened out of their wits. And the beloved hubby is on-call this weekend so I'm hoping it'll be fairly quiet and he won't be gone alot, needless to say I am in need of help! 

Hope everyone has a great first weekend of Advent, and long weekend to everyone Stateside! Go read the real Seven Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary!


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  1. I would definitely agree with you that potty training is #2 on the accomplishment list! SOOO unpleasant but SOOO worth it! I think you are super mom for having 4 kids 4 and under and only one in diapers!


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