Thursday, November 24, 2011

Baby blanket version 4.0

I finished my little bambino blanket! Its crocheted and basically a pattern I made up based on this knitted version from The Purl Bee. I did use the same beautiful Blue Sky Cotton yarn which was super soft and nice to work with. Its definitely not perfect, but I like the colours a lot and maybe one day I'll knit something.

 I've crocheted each of my babies a blanket while I was pregnant and so far each blanket has successfully predicted what the baby would be! I would always pick colours I was drawn to, purples and greens for Gemma, black, reds, and blues for Dom, and baby blues and yellows for Luke. So the crocheting is a pretty accurate boy/girl predictor! Hopefully my motherly instincts are spot on this time too, or else we'll hide this one and I'll make a little boy blankie quick!

1 comment:

  1. Lovely blanket! Haha that's funny that you've been right for all three!


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