Monday, November 14, 2011

Feeding kids shouldn't be this hard!

How can a kid who looks this cute at the dining room table be such a handful to get to eat? 

Oh. There are many ways let me tell you!

We've had an ongoing discipline trial for the last couple days and it doesn't seem to be getting through. He stubbornly refuses to eat anything if you ask him to eat. We stubbornly say he can't get down until he finishes his two bites. It took him an hour the other night to finish dinner.

I've almost reached the point where it can't be worth it. The problem with having three kids so close in age is that rules need to be applied universally or else they catch on in about two point three seconds. We'll see if this technique works, for now I'm trying to look at this cute face so that I can respond almost nicely to his constant demands to be released without touching any food at all! 

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