Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Married Adventure for $3.99!!

Yesterday I blissfully got into the city by myself for some medical appointments and I decided I needed to do some thrift shopping just because its been ages since I've made it to any stores. I love hitting thrift shops. You never know what you're going to find, and the thrill of the hunt never lets me down! 

At my second stop I was dutifully checking through about 5 aisles of used books. Usually I'm after vintage hardcovers by authors I enjoy that I don't already own, the pickings yesterday were beyond slim. I was just going to walk away with one side of aisle left when I made myself stop and check through one more aisle. And look what I found at the corner of the bottom shelf smooshed between a million dreadful copies of The Da Vinci Code: 

I think I let out a small shriek and threw it into my cart because I thought people would wrestle me for it!  I Married Adventure by Osa Johnson for $3.99. 
The most styled book in design ever. 
I love everything about it!
Its a perfect condition 1940 first edition. It looks fabulous and old.
I'm even thinking I should read it! Has anyone ever read it? 

Look at how awesome the photos are! Its really one of my greatest thrift finds ever. 
I'm such a nerd.

Oh, and I may have a slight problem. I bought a whack load of brass birds. Can I blame this on pregnancy? Do I have a strange brass bird craving? Will they turn my house into a circa 1972 trailer like my husband says? 

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