Friday, July 3, 2015

Notes from a Friday

I didn't mean to go a whole week with blog silence, but summer and life have really taken over which should come to little surprise to this woman who still lives in that delusion that summer is when I will have "all the time!"....silly me, right?

In unfortunate news we lost my grandma yesterday. She was 92 and was a wonderful woman who leaves me with a wealth of beautiful memories and a remarkable example of a kind woman and wonderful grandmother. We all love her a lot.

This week we also went to the annual Catholic family conference in our area for a day which was fun and exhausting and I didn't even camp. I'm the biggest camping wimp there is. Or just plain wimp. It's amazing I've kept five kids alive this long, really.

The husband and I also painted a bathroom which is always a great time. We were paining in a small room together because we wanted to paint it quickly at night because that's the only time we can keep small people out of there, and so it was cramped and sweaty and definitely not in a romantic way, but we did it. Why does painting make things so clean and why do we wait so long to paint?? 

This weekend I'm going to be packing the three big kids off for VBS at their grandparents, while packing the rest of us up for the funeral on Tuesday which is about 5 hours away. It'll be a really quick trip, then I'm flying to Edel on Thursday. I'm caught off guard with how quickly all these things have seemed to come up, and I'm trying to not be wound so tightly and to just pray for peace for all of it. I'm sure everything will go great, and I'm becoming a worrying old lady. 

I'm wishing all my American friends a fabulous 4th! Because you guys party way more than we do for Canada must be the revolutionary spirit ;) 

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  1. Those clouds!!! So sorry for your loss. Just keep your eyes set on Edel, and maybe you won't be too stressed out. <3


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