Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Seeking wisdom and truth in my heart and The Summer of Psalms Project

I'm so excited to be part of Kristin's beautiful project bringing art and the Psalms together this summer. It's so refreshing to see stunning, yet approachable, artwork and design brought together with meaningful scripture while at the same time giving us glimpses of those who chose particular verses.

Today it's my turn and I've chosen Psalm 51:8, not because it's the most eloquent or poignant verse ever, but because the simplicity of this one verse has really helped direct my own personal prayer, especially in times where I have no idea what I should be praying.

Do you ever have those times in prayer? You're trying so hard to come up with things to talk to God about, you're bringing Him the issues you have, troubles going on around you, how you're feeling, but you're not quite sure what to ask for? There are no specific words that form, and you're left wondering if your prayer is doing any good?

I feel like I run into this problem a lot. I don't think it's necessarily dire, or means I'm not praying at all, but I do feel that moment where I don't have the words and I don't know what exactly I should be focusing on in asking God.

That's where this verse is so perfect because it simply is asking God to come into my own heart. Personally and intimately. To search my heart, my inner soul, and to show me His wisdom. He knows the truth of my heart and my life and knows everything that's going on in there, even in those moments when I'm so overwhelmed I don't know what's happening in my own heart. He knows what He wants for me today, for tomorrow; He knows what I need for the problems and difficulties I face. It brings so much peace while at the same time reenforcing that intimacy and love God shares with me that I too easily forget. I need both the simplicity of this prayer and the reminder that God is with me.

I hope to be framing this beautiful image soon, and I'll share picture with you soon! You can follow and post your own image after you've printed it out on Instagram under the hashtag #summerofpsalmsproject.

If you loved this image make sure to check out all of Kristin's designs which some really great bloggers chose by clicking on the button below. It's been such a treat to be part of this project!

Vine of Plenty | The Summer of Psalms Project

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  1. This is beautiful! I can appreciate the sentiment of simple and not knowing exactly what to pray for or about. There are many times in my life like that.

  2. So beautiful! This has been an amazing series so far.

  3. The verse is beautiful and I love how Kristin understands the style of each blogger. The colors and font just seem so YOU, Christy!


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