Wednesday, July 8, 2015

5 Simple Faves for Summer!

Is it "fave" or "fav"? Why do I see both spellings, and am I wrong?? Big questions, folks.


Gran Hotel on Netflix

Ok, it's basically a Spanish version of Downton Abbey but with more people getting killed and the plot line moving approximately 1000 times faster. Most people you will see writing about Downton Abbey are always Shocked! when the show slides into genuine soap opera territory, but I on the other hand, love a good soap opera. Say what you will, they're entertaining. Gran Hotel just ramps up that soap opera aspect of Downton Abbey to perfection, complete with someone getting slapped in the face, murdered, thrown from high windows, put in a coma, challenged to a duel, and of course, conspiring over a cup of tea in almost every episode. In other words, I'm addicted and am just about to finish the first season. All three seasons are on Netflix (even in Canada! Woot!) and I wish I had listened to Kendra months ago and ignored everything to watch this show.


This lipstick is about five bucks and it's one of the best reds I've found in a while. The shade I bought is just called Number 10, but it's a great bright red that's creamy, lasts for ages, and has just the right amount of shine. Seriously, five bucks, you can try a bright lippy for five bucks! I'm telling you, you'll love it!


This wine.

I'm usually a die hard red wine drinker. But last week we had temperatures that were actually above 90 degrees and I was out of limes for a margarita and had decided to try this moscato on a whim (read: it was on sale). I love that it has just a hint of fizz and is sweet, yet not cloyingly so, like some moscatos. It's a winner.


Southern Fiction

In honour of my exciting trip to the south for the first time this weekend, I've only been reading Southern fiction for the past month or so. It's been so great to reread To Kill a Mockingbird, especially with Harper Lee's sequel to be published this month! I've also been fitting in some rereading of Flannery O'Connor's short stories and they've been especially great knowing I'm going to visit Milledgeville soon! I may need to read some Faulkner or Walker Percy when I get back....and probably watch Gone With The Wind again.


Edel '15

I can't believe I'm flying to The South tomorrow! Seriously, if I could express my lifelong love of all things Southern you might think me a little less crazy, but I just love the South and have always dreamed of going. So not only is going to Edel going to be a fabulous time but it's also making one of my dreams come true. If you're going, I can't wait to meet you! And if not, then you can follow my instagram for what will prove to be a giant flood of pictures of all the Southern things. 

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  1. Susana Starbuck has mentioned another great red on her lipstick of the week on her blog...have a blast at Edel!!

  2. Have you read the series, "Jane Austen Takes the South," by Mary Jane Hathaway? I was just introduced to the series, and it's quite fun, so far. A nice blend of Southern goodness and modern-day Jane Austen plotlines :)

  3. Have fun at Edel! I so wish I could go - maybe next year :-) I'll check around town here for that wine. My DH loves a glass of wine with his dinner, and, like you is usually a red wine guy, but summer temps call for a delightful white.

  4. I started Gran Hotel and love it except for the fact that it is subtitled, which means I can't do other things while I am watching and have to keep my eyes on the screen. Have a great time at Edel!! I missed it this time but hopefully next year... :-)

  5. I'm so sad I couldn't go to Edel this year.

    Please tell me you've read Gone with the Wind. I mean, the movie is my all time favorite ever, but the book is just so much...more. 💜💜💜

  6. I just finished rereading GWTW -- one of my fave summer reads! You guys should fit it into an FoC book discussion :)

  7. It has to be favE and not fav.... the E finish it off instead of sounding like "fahv." If that makes sense, anyway.

  8. thanks for this fun post:) How is the new Harper Lee novel??

  9. I hope you're loving The South! It's a bit hot, but it's home. And do take back ALL the Spanish moss you want, we won't miss it. Now I'm going to the store to find that lipstick!


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