Friday, June 26, 2015

Seven Quick Takes vol. 125

Joining Kelly the Pioneer Woman for Seven Quick ones.


Oh guys, it's a beautiful summer week around here. It's been hot enough to break out the hose, the kiddie pool, and to let certain toddlers run around naked outside. It's really great. I just want to get that out there. Summer is great=newsflash, I know. You're coming here for revelations aren't you?


I'm kinda digging for positives this week though to be honest. Not that life is terrible, or giant bad things have happened, but this week has been so hard parenting wise. I'm not sure what has changed. I homeschool, my kids are around me all the time, summer is not exactly a big change, but I'm really feeling worn down. Just the same dealing with constant discipline issues, and tantrums, and a more difficult child than usual. Is it just me? Am I losing my parenting grip? Do I need to go back to parenting school for a refresher? Is it just because he's a difficult child? It's not that it's a bunch of terrible things, but more of a constant dealing with screaming, obstinance, refusing to listen, constant arguments, tantrums. And his behaviour is light years better when it's just dad at home. I'm just not sure what I should be doing, but simultaneously feeling like I really stink at this job and sorta want to give up and he's only three! 


At the same time, it seems so far that my kids really have a hard time being three. It's been the hardest age for all my kids so far, so I know logically that it will get better. But in the day to day it is really hard to keep that in mind. 
I think I need a break. Or a restart. Or something! Ahh!! Just going a little crazy, nothing to see here.


Today I'm writing the devotion at Blessed Is She. Today's Mass readings include the story of God speaking to Abraham and the establishment of the covenant between God and Abraham. What struck me was that God wanted to use Abram's marriage to establish this important covenant between himself and humanity. He could have used anything, but the emphasis on marriage really struck me when I wrote this devotion about two months ago. 

I’ve always found the story of Abraham fascinating because it seems like a strange story that one of God’s first ways of revealing Himself to man would take place within the context of a man’s relationship with his wife. Not with a king or ruler deciding the fates of people or the building of temples, but God communicating with a man about the relationship he has with his wife and the building of a family. 
Click on over to read the whole thing!


I had no idea that this devotion about marriage would be published on this day when such a monumental decision was made by SCOTUS. Marriage isn't something that's malleable to human desires and wants. Although, we've been living throughout the last century or so as if it is. Courts, public opinion, laws, may say marriage is one thing but we can't get around the reality that God believes in the importance of marriage between a man and a woman. 
Five people decided for a whole country what marriage means. Five. Can we just think about that on a democratic level for a second? How do five unelected people have so much power? I find that to compound the error of this decision. We've lost so much when it comes to fundamental understanding of what freedom means, democracy means, truth means. 


On a cheerier note! Haley and I had a fun time talking books again on another book swap episode of the podcast! I know that these episodes are kinda hit or miss it seems, it seems people either really love them or don't listen to them at all, but this time we discussed to really interesting books and I thought it was pretty entertaining. I hope you get a chance to listen!


We've also started a Fountains of Carrots Facebook group where we hope to have a bit of space to encourage conversation about the various topics we discuss on the podcast. We'd love to have you join us! We're probably going to take at least the month of July off when it comes to podcasting, mostly because Haley is going to be driving around the country, so we hope the group will be a place where we can stay in touch! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! My husband's taking has the next five days off so I'm hoping for a productive/recharging break of sorts, but we'll see about that! 

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  1. I loved your devotion today. And I also wanted to say that I hope I get a chance to meet you at Edel in a couple of weeks!

  2. I just wanted to say that I thought your BIS devotion was SO timely today based on what happened here in DC. Wow. God's timing/inspiration when you wrote that! Also, I agree that 3 seems to be the toughest age for some little ones. My nephew was a great example of that: a fun, fun 1 and 2 year old, absolutely unbearable 3 year old, and now a lovely 4 year old. Not looking forward to that age with my first next year!! (And for the record, I really LOVE the book swap/review episodes. I've gotten so many great recommendations from them!).

  3. I have to be honest and say your book podcasts make me feel um... Not well read! But I really liked this one! A little intellectual stimulation, even though I've only read one of the books! I can't seem to get into Byatt... Maybe it's the poetry?!

    I've been having throw-in-the-towel parenting week myself. I'm personally finding this 1-2 year stage hard with Zachary. 3 is currently pretty good, and 5, SASS! Ugh!
    I'll commiserate with you from afar over a drink... Actually, you just go ahead and have mine!

  4. Not that this will help, but in regards to them acting out. I had someone tell me that it just means they're comfortable enough with your love for them that they can act out. It gave me a little solace with the toddlerness but still it's hard. Also agree with summer except we've been bombarded with rain! I'll still take that over snow though haha

  5. Marriage used to be about economics, power, and treating women as property. Marriage is a cultural institution that evolves (thankfully) with the culture. I also don't think marriage is only for people to create babies. Infertile people and women past menopause can get married.

  6. Marriage used to be about economics, power, and treating women as property. Marriage is a cultural institution that evolves (thankfully) with the culture. I also don't think marriage is only for people to create babies. Infertile people and women past menopause can get married.

  7. I've always thought three is the hardest age as well. Terrible 2's got nothin' on three-year-old angst ;)

  8. I think (I HOPE) that three is the toughest age. My mom always says give them till four and everything will be better when they're four. I don't have a difficult three year old on my hands right now, but she is three so we do have tantrums and sass most days. And I feel like I'm constantly the bad guy, so I can't imagine how that'd be compounded with a difficult three year old. Hang in there, Christy! Your Edel break is coming soon, right?

  9. I also want to give up on my 3 year old. She is deliberately destructive and sneaky as all get out. But then my 5 and 7 year olds are disasters too and I'm not sure why I suck at parenting. Thanks for the honesty!


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